New Novel Solves Age-Old Shopping Dilemma Plaguing Fans of Science Fiction

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With Michael L. Wentz’s new novel, “Resurrection of Liberty,” science fiction fans now have a gift celebrating the genre they love with the mainstream appeal needed to draw their friends into the wonderful world of SF.

For what seems like an eternity, fans of science fiction have cringed at the holiday shopping season. Spending the year completely engulfed within the genre they love, their bliss ends abruptly in December when they are faced with the daunting task of purchasing gifts for family and friends who have never heard of Asimov, Heinlein, or Norton. They must find that perfect something for those who think that "Dune" is where you ride ATVs, hyperspace is that place your kid goes when you give him too much sugar, and alien worlds are those few places left in America where you can’t get a "half-caff mocha-mint latte."

Well fear not, because with Michael L. Wentz’s “Resurrection of Liberty,” there is now a science fiction novel that is safe to give to the SF challenged. Written specifically to draw more people into the genre, “Resurrection of Liberty” is a young-adult friendly read that is appropriate for that first foray into alien worlds, wormholes, and epic space battles.

The critics seem to agree. Midwest Book Review raves about “Resurrection of Liberty” calling it “an original, deftly written, and thoroughly entertaining novel of action and adventure,” while says it’s “a solid, rollicking, fast paced, easy to read story.”

In “Resurrection of Liberty” Daniel Foster discovers a family secret — a secret that will send ripples across Earth and the entire galaxy. While on a trip to the lake with his two closest friends, Dan’s grandfather’s old car transforms from a common form of terran transportation to an advanced spacecraft that rockets the three friends toward a cloaked starship hidden behind the moon for over a generation. This ship, the Liberty, was once captained by Daniel’s grandfather.

In their quest to return home the three friends plunge deeper into space, ultimately meeting the race that sent Daniel’s grandfather to Earth on a critical mission decades before. Yet they learn by awakening the old ship, they have only hastened the destruction of their own home. Now, far away from his family, Daniel must accept his destiny and dig deep inside himself to muster the confidence needed to rally his new alien friends to help save Earth — and ultimately the galaxy.

A triumphant and empowering story, “Resurrection of Liberty” is the type of book that makes your heart race as the pages fly by, leaving you with a smile on your face and a hunger for more from the wonderful world of science fiction.

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