Chestnut Global Partners Introduces First Sino-American Employee Assistance Program Service to Mainland China

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Partnership with China-based Psychcn provides network of services and resources for expatriate employees, their families, and local employees.

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Chestnut Global Partners (CGP), through its parent organization, Chestnut Health Systems, today announces that it has entered into a joint venture with Psychcn, a privately-held Chinese e-learning company offering clinical training and certification programs to mental health clinicians throughout China, to provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) type services to employees and families based in mainland China. Psychcn/CGP, the first Sino-American joint venture of its kind, combines Chestnut’s expertise in collaborating with local, state, and national government agencies, service providers, research institutions, and corporations around the world with Psychcn’s access to certified counselors and psychotherapists spanning the mainland (currently numbering over 10,000 certified clinicians).

Nearly 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies have some form of joint venture in China, with more than 50,000 English speaking foreign expatriates in Beijing alone. Psychcn/CGP will provide workplace intervention, counseling, and associated services to both expatriate employees and families based in China and Chinese nationals. The program for expatriates will focus on pre-departure awareness, proactive outreach services after assignment in host countries, counseling services to those in need, and support to assist repatriation of employees.

China-based employee assistance and workplace services and products provide culturally attuned programs to reduce employee risk, improve health outcomes, and encourage self-management of behavioral change for Chinese local national employees. Psychcn/CGP has raised awareness of its key role in helping facilitate China’s transition from a centrally-controlled command economy to one dominated by market forces by proactively supporting the workforce with needed services to keep employees productive and emotionally healthy. Several major trends suggest an emergent demand for EAP-type services:

  • The increased work and personal stress associated with rapid growth.
  • High levels of anxiety related to SARS and other health threats.
  • High incidence of hidden and untreated alcoholism in the workplace.
  • Growing recognition that depression is an illness treatable with Western-style interventions.
  • The desire expressed by government officials to strengthen Western-style interventions based on empirical science, rather than religious or folk traditions, as the treatments of choice for assisting people coping with behavioral issues.

“While introducing EAP services into China proved to be a rather protracted and arduous process, we’ve put in place a model that will greatly serve U.S.-based businesses expanding their presence in China as well as the millions of Chinese nationals making the difficult transition to a modern, market-based business economy,” said Russ Hagen, CEO of Psychcn/CGP. “Our experience providing services around the world via a network model that integrates well-trained and highly skilled local counselors neatly dovetailed with Psychcn’s focus on training and certification. Our partnership will enable us to accelerate delivery of a robust, culturally relevant EAP service to Mainland China. We look forward to working with Psychcn in paving the transition of American expats adjusting to live in China and in bringing much-needed, best-of-breed services to the Chinese workforce.”    

According to Dr. Daolong Zhang, Medical Director for Psychcn/CGP, “Psychcn has also been instrumental at introducing EAP and occupational mental health course work within Chinese higher education curriculums, including schools of psychology and business. By building on our existing relationship with thousands of certified Chinese clinicians, as well as within academia, Psychcn will provide the most extensive counseling service distribution network in China, creating an unparalleled opportunity to provide comprehensive EAP and related services to multinationals in China, as well as to employees of private and state owned Chinese companies.”

The partnership is a natural extension of CGP’s broad array of in-country EAP services, serving several global locations for prominent Fortune 500 companies. At present, Chestnut Global Partners manages workplace services for thousands of local national employees in over 80 countries, with multilingual clinicians in approximately 95 countries. Psychcn/CGP has established an office and Access Center in Beijing and has trained over 200 independent counselors that serve in a network, allowing for a truly robust in-country service delivery system.

About Psychcn

Psychcn is a private Chinese company endorsed by the Chinese government to provide clinical practice training to Chinese counselors and psychotherapists pursuing or renewing professional certification. Their professional training programs are offered in both online and face-to-face conference formats. As a provider of online training, Psychcn is invested in Web-based technology in order to deliver its services throughout China, in addition to face-to-face services. Psychcn currently provides clinical training to over 10,000 of the 30,000 certified clinicians throughout China.

About Chestnut Global Partners

Chestnut Global Partners, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chestnut Health Systems, Inc. a not-for-profit behavioral health organization based in Bloomington, Illinois. Chestnut Global Partners offers a full range of employee assistance and workplace services to both domestic and multi-national companies, including employee assistance programs, on-line assistance, work/life services, and employer services such as critical incident intervention, management training and coaching, and emotional intelligence programs. Chestnut currently provide services to more than 80 employer groups throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, United Kingdom, China, and continental Europe and has affiliate providers serving its clients in over 95 countries. For additional information, visit

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