Divorce and the Holiday Blues: Author Amy Botwinick Spins Some "Giving Spirit" into the Season for Divorced Women With Survival Tools and Advice

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Mention the word "divorce" around the holidays and you've "unwrapped" a whole package of dilemmas for families. Author, Amy Botwinick of "Congratulations On Your Divorce" helps divorced women get through the holiday blues.

Ask any woman – married, single or divorced about the holidays. And you’ll find most women want to ‘divorce’ themselves from the madness, the stress, family drama, shopping and the preparation that goes with it. But for divorced women, the holiday season can be even more of a headache with heartache with awkward family situations, depression and battles that will deflate any glass of celebratory champagne. Boca Raton resident Author, Amy Botwinick is in the ‘giving spirit’ donating a portion of the proceeds from her new book, "CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DIVORCE: The Road To Finding Your Happily Ever After." Book and product sales from her website, http://www.todaysdivorcedwoman.com will go to local charities, including AVDA (Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse), the charity which provides shelter to women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Additionally, Botwinick is helping women through the holidays with support and advice.

“I remember struggling through the first holiday season without my children. It was difficult for everyone to adapt including my extended family but over the years we all learned to make it work. I think there are many “firsts” you have to experience when you are newly divorced until all of the new changes just become your “new normal,” explains Botwinick. Here are Botwinick's top tips for getting through the divorce holiday blues:

  •      If divorced women are alone without family and friends, they should get out of the house and volunteer to help others that are less fortunate. There are plenty of soup kitchens, nursing homes and children without parents that can use a good meal and some company. By women giving of themselves - it will help clear their minds and offer some perspective on their situation. They will also meet other volunteers that will likely turn into new friends which will create a new family to share special times.
  •      If divorced women happen to have a cooperative ex-husband, consider sharing the holidays together or splitting the day up so both parties can enjoy the children. I encourage families to do what is in the best interest of their children, if it’s uncomfortable just suck it up and put a smile on.
  •      If women are single, don’t shy away from invitations from friends and married couples. The important thing is to get out of the house and be with people even if it feels a bit awkward in the beginning. Just get out there and enjoy life.
  •      If an opportunity presents itself to hop on a plane or get in the car to visit someone - do it. While it might not be a traditional way to spend the holidays, there is nothing wrong with change. Think of it as a new adventure and make the most of newly acquired free time.

This first-time author shares her own journey in a helpful girlfriend-to-girlfriend conversational guide to help women through the divorce process and beyond. Botwinick is currently enjoying her “happily ever after.” She is a divorced mother of two, and has been a chiropractor for the last twelve years and has held a teaching position at a local college. Her business for over a decade has been about listening, learning and helping others. Amy’s research and writing convey a directness and honesty that comes from personal experience.

There are over two million divorces in the U.S. each year. Cinderella’s prince charming has either turned into a

toad or run off with Sleeping Beauty. Left in the pixie dust are millions of women looking in the mirror each morning wondering, now what? "CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DIVORCE: The Road to Finding Your Happily Ever After" (Health Communications, Inc.; December 2005; $12.95) by Amy Botwinick explores all facets of divorce: from making the decision, surviving the legal battles and getting on with life. Through the author’s own experiences and those of other women, "CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DIVORCE" prepares readers for the road ahead: how to get through the business of divorce with humor and aplomb, get beyond the bitterness and on to a healthy, happy life.

This is not another dry book about the process of divorce from a lawyer or psychologist. "CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DIVORCE" is fun and uplifting and for women only. The author shares her own struggles, emotional foibles and stories from others, to help the reader through her own emotions. A special section on the male perspective opens the door to the workings of the male mind, helping readers find some common ground with their ex or soon-to-be ex, making an easier transition to “uncoupling.”

Sections of the book include: Making peace with your decision, taking stock of the financial situation, dealing with reactions from family and friends, the legal three-ring circus, forgiving and letting go, dating and new relationships, and telling and helping the children.

"CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DIVORCE" is a breath of fresh air that helps the reader transform her feelings of being trapped to feelings of empowerment. It describes the world of divorce—warts and all—with some much-needed comic relief and heart. The reader will realize she’s not alone as she learns how other women have coped with the emotional craziness of uncoupling, jettisoned their emotional baggage, and gotten back on the road to defining and finding their happily ever after.

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