Mac Poker Room Considered Top Room To Make Money Online

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Pacific Poker, a Mac / Windows poker room regarded as top site to make money fast online.

In recent studies and similar interviews, polls, and tests indicate that a Mac poker room, Pacific Poker, is considered as a prime spot to make money fast online playing poker. (

Pacific Poker which is compatible for Windows ( or Macs ( has various reasons why many players consider it to be a premier poker site to make money fast. Contributed reasons include their casino, the bonus, and their software which give players these conclusions.

The reasons players suggest they have long made easy money at this poker room is due to the fact that the poker room interlinks with a casino. These casino players are not considered to be the best poker players and many times don’t even know the rules of poker thus giving away hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The second reason considered was due to a large bonus given. Many players take this bonus and lose it in a matter of minutes not really caring if they lose it or not. Hot spots for these types of players can be found at the $100 NL cash tables winning players say. Some players have been known to record $100's of dollars in winnings per hour playing low stakes poker.

A third reason which suggested that Pacific Poker was recorded as a top site to make money is their software. Pacific Poker’s software only allows players to play one table at a time. This means a no no for online poker pros. Most all poker pros like to play multiple tables simultaneously and since Pacific Poker’s software does not allow this the poker pros stay away.

With bad players comes bad beats which are frequent at Pacific Poker. Many inexperienced players see bad beats as a bad thing. Bad beats are actually a good thing because it means bad players are around and in the long run experienced players win not only win but they will win big. Short term losses may occur but as the cliche goes, “ Good players will win in the long run.”

The tests done for these accusations that Pacific Poker is the top poker room to make money was done through player surverys, forum polls, and actual player revenue calculations. In the player polls Party Poker was rated as a top poker room to make money but due to large amounts of players that play at Party Poker the results had to be altered to reflect market share and outcomes thus generating Pacific Poker and Party Poker as the two best sites to make money with more tangible facts leading towards Pacific Poker (

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