Christmas Gifts for Dogs? A Cat Gift For Christmas?

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People are spending record amounts for gifts for pets. This Christmas promises to be the biggest year to date for shoppers to buy their pets gifts. Every year Americans alone spend over $10 billion on pet food and supplies. Pet gifts are becoming a bigger part of this huge industry.

Many Christmas pet gifts are found under trees. Usually the pets need some help opening them though, although puppies have been known to do a good job at opening wrapped items.

Tim Phelan, of says he understands why people buy gifts. "I have seen people spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a Christmas dog gift or a cat Christmas gift. Some people can't understand why."

He then chuckles "I can definitely understand the bond between owner and pet. I had a dog that died over 8 years ago. A Visla. That was a great dog!"

Big sellers are:

1. A dog treat gift basket. People aren't the only ones who eat better during the holidays. Inside the dog gift basket you may find real bones, rawhide chews, balls, rubber toys that squeak and leashes.

2. An aquarium fish tank. The fish bowls and tanks are more popular than ever since you can have your aquarium always in good order with a service that comes out to your home or office and maintains it.

3. The cat gift basket. Cats are now the most popular pet in the USA. 37.7 million U.S. households own a cat with a total number of 90.5 million cats! Products include scratching posts, collars with bells, cat nip toys, toy mice and books about other cats.

4. Horse grooming supplies are very popular items. There are about 7 million horses in the USA. 1.9 million Americans own horses and the median income for horse owning households is $60,000. Many horse owners have more money to spend on horse Christmas gifts.

5. Christmas gifts for birds. There are 16.6 million pet birds with 6.4 million owners. They buy toys to hang from the cages, different shaped feed toys, bird cages and bird perches. Many gifts are bought for the larger exotic birds, some of which live up to 70 years so there is usually a strong bond.

"These people consider their pets a big part of their family. They don't really use the word owner much." says Tim.

Americans are spending more on pets than ever before. Individuals rank companionship, love, company, and affection as the number one benefit of owning a pet. 74 percent of dog owners, 60 percent of cat owners, and 45 percent of bird owners considered their pet as a child or family member.

So when Americans are planning their Christmas shopping, more Rovers, Spots, Pollys, Felixes and Bob The Cats are on the list.

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