TatAD.com Launches New Community Website: Make up to $100,000 as a Human Billboard. Get International Media Attention for Your Company or Website

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TatAD.com is a new concept in guerilla marketing where companies can contract members to advertise their logos. The Company has an international database of members, professional boxers, athletes and celebrities who are willing to promote companies they are fond of by either wearing corporate merchandise, or tattooing the company’s logo onto their bodies in temporary or permanent form. Surprisingly, almost all of the promoters want to be permanently tattooed with corporate tattoos.

TatAD.com, the world’s first human billboard advertising agency announced today that they have just launched a new community website at http://www.tatad.com.

“TatAD.com is a new concept in guerilla marketing where companies can contract members to advertise their logos," said Mark Chadwick, President of TatAD.com. "We are the largest company of this kind with over 4500 members in every major city in the U.S. and Canada.”

Chadwick says that his company is so confident in the effectiveness of their services that they we will show corporations the results up-front, for free. Tattoo wearers choose the location of the ad and the amounts ranging from $100 to a sky-high $100,000 to don a particular logo. TatAD’s members include a host of professional athletes, internationally known boxers, rock stars and hollywood celebrities.

How does a corporation start a TatAD promotion? Companies typically pay a fee to have their logos sent out to the TatAD database of 4500 members with an offer of what they are willing to pay for a specific location on a body. Companies typically offer cash, or a combination of cash, products and services. The members respond to the offer and TatAD provides the corporation with full demographic and psychographic profiles with a picture of each of the interested members. The advertisers pay TatAD a 30% agency fee on the total value of the contract for making the match.

Typically the promoter contracts run for 30 days for temporary tattoos, and 2 years for permanent tattoos. The company also offers contracts specific to special events that include promoters wearing corporate clothing or specially designed outfits. TatAD members that have been contracted for permanent tattoos have been paid between $1000 and $10,000 in a combination of cash, products and services.

Surprisingly, almost all of the promoters want to be permanently tattooed with their favorite logos or corporate brands. The advertisers can renew the contract with the promoter after that term has expired. In the case of the permanent tattoos, after the contracts have expired, the member can have the TatAD altered, or removed. The most common areas requested are the forearm, hand or shoulder for men and the lower back or chest for women.

For a limited time, TatAD.com is offering their services for free. Simply send your logo with your offer to advertise@tatad.com. Include how much you are willing to pay for a 2 year contract for a permanent tattoo, or a 30 day contract for a temporary tattoo, what city you are interested in and how many promoters you would like. TatAD will then e-mail your offer to its entire database of human billboards and show you the results up front for free.

TatAD promoters are typically very outgoing social promoters that enjoy talking about products and services. They are typically between 18 and 35 years of age, 60% male and 40% female.

“This type of exposure is becoming attractive to advertisers wary of spending big money for traditional television and print ads that are often "tuned out" by their target audience” said Darren Little, TatAD.com’s CEO, “With the rise of the Internet and the dispersal of television viewers across hundreds of cable and satellite channels, companies are facing a smaller potential audience and are forced to increase their budgets or seek out innovative marketing methods”.

Some companies have already begun sending tattoo-adorned human billboards into sporting events, festivals, beaches or popular tourist sites to promote their brands. The idea is that once the seed has been planted, curiosity alone will motivate people to find out more about the advertiser. Big companies like Toyota, Dunkin' Donuts, and Golden Palace Casino have experimented with body advertising, betting that it doesn't take a multimillion-dollar national ad to get people's attention.

Desi Evans, General Manager of Orca Bay Suzuki, Western Canada’s largest Suzuki dealership had this to say about TatAD. “TatAD is one of the most innovative and effective forms of advertising we have ever used. With a wide range of diverse membership base, TatAD found us a promoter that has been a Suzuki fanatic since he was 8 years old. Everything he owns is Suzuki. This has resulted in a 400% increase in sales in the designated region of our TatAD Promoter. Additionally we have received international media attention on the internet, radio, television, newspapers and magazines. We continue to recommend TatAD to all of our corporate partners and suppliers”.

TatAD.com partnered with Orca Bay Suzuki to Sponsor the BC Super Cross on Saturday, December 10th at BC Place Stadium. Over 30,000 people attended this event including the top motocross riders, exhibitors and media.

About TatAD.com

TatAD.com already has over 4500 human billboards that are anxious to start promoting the brands they love. TatAD.com members pick their own prices, ranging from a few hundred dollars, to six figure price tags for well-known rock stars, professional boxers, athletes and internationally known celebrities.

TatAD’s clients already include Orca Bay Suzuki, Golden Palace Casino, (GoldenPalace.com) ShockerClothing.com, Extreme Bartending, AbsolutePoker.com, CupidPage.com, Thomas Lynch Fashions, TheCabins.ca, SuddenImpactClothing.com, CupofMoney.com and numerous TatAD members that sport the TatAD.com logo.

TatAD’s are applied by Vancouver’s most exclusive tattoo shop: Twin Villain Tattoos.

For more information on TatAD visit http://www.tatad.com or contact Darren Little at 604-771-1901.


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