Walk Here Now: Walk to Meditate, Anytime, Anywhere

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The latest Wellness Program for the Business and Corporate World, Walk Here Now: Walk to Meditate, Anytime, Anywhere for Individual, Pairs, Groups Within Business and Corporate Settings.

Are you looking for a new idea for your team-building event or well-being program that’s more than just fun, entertaining games, activities, or motivational speeches? Try walking together, as in Group Walking Meditation.

Meditation has been proven to help establish and maintain balance, calmness, relaxation, clarity, and harmony in mind and body in the midst of any circumstance. Meditation carries you into a state of deep relaxation; to a place where your creative thoughts will flow; where answers to problems appear; where your thoughts are focused and concentration is enhanced.

For business, not only can meditation help you battle workplace stress but also it can help you concentrate your mind - on the important task of making profit. Practicing meditation at work on a regular basis, say for 15 to 45 minutes per day, will help you engage mental activities properly, stabilize mind, and sharpen clarity, and deepen wisdom. In other words, regular meditation equals happier, more effective, and ultimately more productive employees, ultimately enhancing quality of work and profit margin.

Walking Meditation is a meditation method you can practice while walking. You can walk to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above without physical discomforts you might otherwise experience in other forms of meditation.

Group Walking Meditation is a social meditation technique. Instead of walking by yourself to meditate, you walk together with other people. Group Walking Meditation sessions can be designed suitably for you at your workplace so that you and your colleagues can enjoy the benefits of meditation together and establish a teamwork spirit to achieve greater levels of accomplishment.

The purpose of Group Walking Meditation is to help each participant accomplish mindfulness through group presence, which is stronger than an individual presence and to eventually help the group to establish a common ground over diversity in the group. That is, Group Walking Meditation can unite all who work for the common goal.

Group Walking Meditation sessions can be summarized as follows: Each session may consist of Individual Walking Meditation, Pair Walking Meditation, and Group Walking Meditation or combination thereof; 60 and up to 90 minutes per session; half day or full day workshops; Weekend or week-long retreat; and Private sessions for Individual Walking Meditation and Pair Walking Meditation can be arranged upon request; To maximize effectiveness of walking meditation, multiple sessions can be arranged on an ongoing basis.

The above-mentioned sessions are suitable for professional development days, corporate days, or team building events and can be conducted at clients’ premises or client-designated locations. If you’d like to make an appointment for your first Walking Meditation session (Individual, Pair, or Group) or reach a coach with your questions, please call 202-256-6288, send an email to e-mail protected from spam bots, or visit http://www.WalkHereNow.com.

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