Ancient Twelve Days of Christmas Ceremony Revealed In New Book In Time For Christmas

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“The Ancient Wisdom of the 12 Days of Christmas: The Hidden Teachings behind the Song” by Rain on the Earth, is s new book detailing a thousands of years old ceremony, which has been ongoing and kept hidden until now. The well known song mentioned in the title is part of this goal-setting, life-changing ceremony.

"The Ancient Wisdom of the Twelve Days of Christmas -- The Hidden Teachings Behind the Song" by Rain on the Earth delineates a ceremony that takes place the first new moon after the winter solstice (the shortest night of the year). The ceremony, also known as "The Festival of Lights", predates Christianity and has been continuously in practise for thousands of years only handed down from one medicine/shaman person to one apprentice for the past several hundred years. The well-known song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is intrinsic to the ceremony. Rain on the Earth has been practising this ceremony for the past 30 years, after having received it from her teacher, and has been guided to bring it out to the world at this time.

"My life is magical," said Rain. "I'm living on the high mesa of New Mexico, building the home of my dreams with my companion of ten years. I am doing the work that I love to do. The vistas of my life are pure joy. What I dream of, I bring into reality.

But there was a time that I was just getting by, living day to day. I was scattered, unclear in my direction and my purpose in life. I was disheartened, frustrated and very sad.

Out of the blue, like an answer to my heart’s call, I met Mello Rye, a Cherokee/Irish medicine woman. After hearing her speak and participating in the “Dance of the Rainbow Madonna” with her, I decided that I had to learn more about this ancient wisdom that she spoke of.

I became an initiate in the inner circle of the Temple of the Sun in Mother’s Garden. As Mello’s student I was taught how to put this knowledge into practice in my own life and through inter-tribal, inter-cultural service.

The greatest of the creation keys which she passed on to me is the “12 Days of Christmas”. Within the hidden teachings behind the song is the pathway to live the dreams you were born, destined to fulfill.

It is nearly 30 years since Mello Rye passed this knowledge on to me, in the ancient way in which a teacher passes it on to a single student.

Year by year by using the 12 Days of Christmas to dedicate and bless my goals for the year, my path has become strong and clear. I have mastered this wisdom and have built upon this ancient foundation. These teachings were always intended to be shared with humanity when the time was right. That time is now!

I am deeply and profoundly honored to be able to present the “12 Days of Christmas” to you, to live your gifts, your dreams and visions into reality, as you are destined to do."

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