Golf Swing Instruction Has Become Obsessed With a ‘Fault And Fix’ Approach: Coach David Blair PGA Calls for a Return to Ben Hogan Fundamentals

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There is a correct golf swing and it contains just three key components: two movements and one connection. Club golfers could improve their game quickly if golf swing instruction focused on these fundamentals rather than the mass of detailed tips favoured by most publications and coaches.

All that’s required to play good golf is to execute properly a relatively small number of true fundamental movements.

“The average handicap of club golfers has not improved significantly, if at all, since the game began. Even the millions of dollars spent annually on expensive equipment and golf swing instruction have not helped”, says leading coach David Blair PGA.

According to Blair, the failure to improve playing standards (and players’ enjoyment of the game) is down to a flawed teaching philosophy. Club golfers and their coaches are spending their time trying to fix a never-ending series of detailed faults rather than focusing on the big picture. Similarly, golf publications tend to be full of tweaks and minor adjustments.

Why not try a different approach and teach golfers the correct golf swing? Maybe it’s because it’s thought that there is no simple way to analyse the swing into just a few key fundamentals.

David Blair disagrees. He teaches that the correct golf swing contains only three components: two movements and one connection. The two movements produce the clubhead speed required for distance and the connection provides the control needed for accuracy.

1    Body turn is the basis for speed. Good players understand the principle of centrifugal force and they maximise the efficiency with which they rotate their body to create it.

2    This speed is then multiplied by correct hand action that both conducts and multiplies the energy created by the body all the way down through the shaft and into the clubhead. The great Ben Hogan was of course a master of hand and wrist action.

3    The two movements are connected by the control area or ‘connection’, which is the long narrow triangle formed between the arms and shoulders at address and which can be clearly seen in all good players through impact. Ben Hogan used an illustration showing his arms bound together in order to maintain this control area.

Correct implementation of these three fundamentals will produce clubhead speed with control. Ben Hogan was the master and he famously said “All that’s required to play good golf is to execute properly a relatively small number of true fundamental movements.”

“We should be giving golfers a clear understanding of how the golf swing works and providing a few simple swing build exercises. It’s the only way club golfers will realise their true golfing potential,” says David Blair.

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David Blair is chief coach to the SwingBuildGolf program. He also runs clinics for club golfers in the United Kingdom, is official coach to Olympic five time gold medallist Sir Steve Redgrave’s charity golf events, and has appeared on TV golf shows in the UK and South Africa. View articles on David Blair’s teaching approach at


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