Getting Rid of Collection Agencies and Repair Credit

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People Can Take Comfort In Having Lee Harrison On Their Side Helping with Credit Agencies and to Repair Credit.

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Having problems with a collection agency? Cleaning credit reports of collections can be a difficult task. Your credit score is important when trying to apply for a credit line or a home loan.

Many people are overwhelmed by the thought of trying to improve or correct their credit. Sometimes they need a helping hand. Could a credit repair company actually help you with fixing up your credit? They can, and some, like Lee Harrison, owner of a credit repair service, will even stay with you well after you’ve been repair, to stop collection agencies from reappearing and assisting you with new problems.

Stop The Harassment Of Collection Agencies

Getting calls and letters from a collection agency? Lee Harrison knows how to handle them.

“When they call you tell them to send a copy of a contract with your signature on it.” Harrison advises that any collection agency that cannot produce a signed contract may actually be trying to steal your identity. If you suspect a company is trying to steal your identity, report them to the attorney general. “That will be the last you hear of them,” says Harrison.

If you are getting letters from a collection agency, the law according to the fair credit-reporting act states that if the account is yours or not it must be accurate. The burden of proof is not up to the individual but on the company filing the complaint and the credit agencies. A credit agency may not always be accurate. This is why checking your credit reports and repairing your credit is so important.

Repairing Your Credit Report and Dealing With a Collection Agency

A collection agency makes money by buying bad debt. They pay seven scents on every dollar you owe for your bad debt. Your debt is actually satisfied by the time they buy it.

“You don’t owe a collection agency,” says Harrison. “With a special program that we have devised, you can fight off the collection agency. With that comes a clean credit report.”

Harrison also promises to stay with you for life. “[We] make sure they don’t sell to another collection agency and they try to put it back on you.” This would have the new collection agency sending you new letters and calling you on the phone.

How to Sue a Collection Agency – And Repair Your Credit

Anyone who puts inaccurate information on your credit report is subject to a $1000 fine and one year in jail.

“I’ve made it easy for you to [sue for damages] for free,” says Harrison. He even offers a free Collection Agency Demand Form available at his website,

You don’t even have to take this step alone. Many people are intimidated by financial matters, even their own. For around $75, you can find a company, like Harrison’s to help you with the process of issuing Demand forms to a collection agency.

You don’t have to be harassed by collection agencies any more. With the right steps and people like Harrison at hand for assistance, you can easily clear up your debt in no time. And that is something everyone can handle.

About Lee Harrison Credit Restoration

Lee Harrison Credit Restoration is registered and bonded as a credit service organization with 30 years experience. He has helped more than 400,000 people of all walks of life and is located in Naples, Texas. Visit their web site at


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