Unsecured Credit Card Mall Expands Its Directory

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Unsecured Credit Card Mall expands its directory with low introduction APR and no annual fee credit cards

Unsecured Credit Card Mall expands its directory with low introduction APR and no annual fee credit cards

Various people have different needs. Thus the credit card suppliers too have designed different type of cards. Unsecured credit cards do not require a security deposit, so they are intended for individuals with good or excellent credit. Most of the credit card offers out there are for unsecured credit cards. These are usually the best credit cards, since they come with fewer restrictions than secured credit cards.

However, if someone has bad credit, there"s nothing wrong with going for a secured credit card. This type of plastic requires a security deposit. Secured credit cards are generally for individuals whose credit is damaged or who have no credit history. The customer's credit line will represent anywhere from 70% - 100% of the security deposit. Depending on the credit card issuer, some secured credit cards require a deposit for only a limited time such as one year. If the history with the credit card is good, the credit card issuer may extend the line of credit or offer the customer an unsecured card. As long as the money is being kept in the secured account, the customer can be the worst credit risk in the world and still gets offers for secured credit cards. But if he or she does well with their secured card over an extended period of time, the credit card company might re-evaluate the initial decision, and offer an unsecured card. This way a secured credit card can be a gateway to the world of unsecured credit cards.

No matter what kind of credit card offer people choose, the key is to do research first. Unsecured Credit Card Mall (http://www.unsecured-credit-card-mall.com/) helps customers comparing what different companies have to offer and making the best financial decision based on the factors that are important when choosing a credit card. Offers are categorized by purpose (Low Introductory Annual Percentage Rate, No Annual Fee, Cash Back, Reward, Business, Balance Transfer, Student Credit Cards, Frequent Flyer Airline Miles, Gold and Platinum Credit Cards), issuer and credit score. The latter allows people with credit score ranging from bad to excellent to choose their appropriate credit cards. Of course the most important factors effecting the overall credit are listed on the website, such as:

Annual Fee, Annual Percentage Rate (APR), Finance Charge, Grace Period, Periodic Rate, Transaction Fees, and additional services and features.

There are selections for individuals and/or businesses for bankruptcy, and a credit score of slow, average and excellent. The directory now also offers complementary services such as a variety of loan offers.


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