Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino To Offer Zero Cash Startup Option For Limited Time

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Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino makes it possible for those with limited cash to start a top rated home based business. Personal mentoring, group training, valuable tools, Coastal Synergy Group Membership, and original Coastal Vacations Call Center membership is all available at

In an effort to make it easier than ever to start a top rated home based business with Coastal Vacations, Director Dean Marino offers all the best the business has to offer including a zero cash startup option. New associates joining through benefit from the over 25 years of sales management and sales training experience of Dean Marino. In addition to Marino's personal mentoring and group training, additional self training materials are provided in the form of audio and data Cd's, plus a professionally produced DVD presentation. Membership in both of the largest and fastest growing groups within Coastal Vacations is also available.

Coastal Vacations has been a key player in the home based business arena for over 10 years. The business has experienced explosive growth recently for several reasons. They have smartly positioned themselves in a profitable niche in the largest industry in the world---travel and tourism. At a time when major airlines are having difficulties paying their creditors, and neighborhood travel agencies have locked their doors for the last time, Coastal Vacations associates have increased their average profit per sale this year. Trend experts predict that the travel and tourism industry will continue to grow over the next 12 years as baby boomers retire and travel even more.

When asked about the current growth, Marino said "Our travel products have sold for years because of the value and quality of the products themselves. Once people were exposed to them, they liked them and bought them. Our marketing methods were stuck in another decade for years. It is amazing to me that some have earned large six figure incomes marketing our product with only classified ads and distributing the information through fax on demand systems and conference calls 4 days a week. I don't think some of those people even have websites yet. I attribute our explosive growth this year to huge improvements in the marketing tools we have made available to our membership. and I look for continued improvements to boost sales through 2006."

Many seasoned marketers like Marino feel that they have the best of both worlds with Coastal. While the products have established their quality and value for almost 11 years now, Marino views it as a ground floor opportunity because of what he sees as almost endless marketing opportunities for the product that have been under utilized...

The Coastal Synergy Group provides extensive support with over a dozen live conference calls a week, They provide training calls six days a week, mainly to those pursuing success with the traditional Coastal Vacations business. This year they have taken sales training in Coastal to a whole new level. One of the key improvements the Synergy Group made this year was to introduce a flashy new website that features a QuickTime movie. In the traditional business members work closely with a director. They expose prospects to the business by leading them to websites, conference calls, and utilize various tools. Three way calls are used extensively in the traditional system. That is how new associates learn what to say, how to say it, and they learn to close sales by listening to their mentors close sales. Synergy group members can even listen to live and recorded calls with actual prospects that show them how it is done. That training will supplement the one on one coaching they receive from working closely with an experienced director.

The fastest growing group within Coastal is the Coastal Vacations Sales Center. It is the original Coastal Call Center founded by Clear Business Solutions, the largest worldwide marketer of Coastal Vacations travel products. Many attribute their success to the implementation of several marketing methods, never before used by Coastal Vacations. As Marino said "The Sales Center took our conventional business model and made it user friendly. They became our top seller, and they were not even in the Coastal business last January. It's a phenomenal story."

The Sales Center has implemented a system composed of several cutting edge tools, with a human touch. The key difference is that members do not need to learn the ins and outs of salesmanship and closing techniques that are traditionally required. They have eliminated the need for the average Joe to learn how to sell because they employ professional salespeople to do just that.

Members concentrate specifically on marketing. They lead prospects into the system through various methods. In fact, the Sales Center lists over 170 marketing methods on their member's website. The "system" starts with a fast paced flash movie, After viewing the movie, prospects are invited to explore an informative marketing website where they can learn more about the travel products, more about the Sales Center system, and they can even listen to audio testimonials from over a dozen Sales Center members. Email messages invite the prospects to return to the website, and participate in live Q&A conference calls where they can get their questions answered. The next step is pure genius, because next the prospects will call into the Sales Center where an experienced representative will answer any remaining questions they may have, and helps them get started.

Marino had this to say about the Sales Center system: "Our members who have experienced the system, and got involved with it this year simply love it. We have seen people get started with our business, and have success, that would never have joined our traditional business. Without the Sales Center people needed to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they can or even want to learn how to sell and close deals. Over 95% of the time the answer will be no. Those people are now starting home based businesses in large numbers through the Coastal Vacations Sales Center."

As members became more creative marketers, they have helped to expand a business that has been primarily operated in the United States and Canada. While the Sales Center looks forward to welcoming a member from Antarctica, they now boast members on every other continent---all that in less than a year. To learn more about Coastal Vacations, the zero cash startup option, and the various business models go to

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