Unholy Reason for the Season; Universists Celebrating Secular Chrismukkah

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A faithless religious movement called Universism seeks to minimize faith this holiday season by encouraging use of the term "Chrismukkah," a postmodern cultural reference that serves to remove the faith from Christmas and Hanukkah.

Merry Mazeltov! The Universist Movement highlights the cultural phenomenon of Chrismukkah this holiday season. The "Merry Mish-Mash" holiday subversively melds symbolism from the Christian and Jewish holy seasons, dropping their associated faiths. What's left is a completely secular cultural celebration - a Decemberfest. Many Universists enjoy celebrating the holidays with their families, and though this is a culturally important and festive season, the time of the year has as much religious meaning for us as the months named after Roman gods or the year 2005 being counted since Christ's birth: ie, nill. Universists celebrate the winter holidays with their families and friends, surrounded by formerly religious symbols that today signify the triumph of life, creativity and diversity over archaic religious homogenization.

Celebrate Chrismukkah this year. It's a tribute to cultural diversity that helps minimize faith during the winter holidays. Once deeply religious symbols are now simply a part of our cultural background. Chrismukkah has impeccable postmodern roots - it's the real world result of a reference in the Fox television show "The O.C."

Life imitating art rather than holy text? That's progress! Get Chrismukkah cards and related gifts this season at http://www.chrismukkah.com


The Universist Movement is an international nonprofit organization focused on individual wellbeing, social progress, personal responsibility and the promotion of existential questioning. The Movement's mission is to evolve religion in a safe direction in light of the events of September 11. It advocates Universism, a rational religious philosophy elevating relative truth at the expense of group authority in metaphysical questions. In Universism truth is nontransferable, and the group collectively celebrates existential mystery, rather than absolute truth.

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