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The re-creation of an ancient Shaolin Temple is West New York, New Jersey hottest new space for parties/events. Located in the Hudson County, IronSpirit Excel is now available for cocktail, birthday/kids, corporate parties and special events; corporate meeting/ Birth Day Party/yogis teacher event yoga parties, martial arts parties, spa parties ETc...

Now, there's a thought! And without getting on a plane. Now, West New Yorkers in New jersey, Jersey City's and New yorker's can party all night long in a re-creation of an authentic Shaolin Temple, right in the middle of the fabulous Hudson county in jersey. The temple is located at 5500 Palisade Avenue 2ND Fl. west new York New Jersey (Corner of 55th street). It is the 2008, must-have, "how do I get to be a member there?" Harmonious space and training space and at least for now, the space is available for select, intimate evening and weekend events.

Cocktails and mingling for 300 with an Asian theme? Or the coolest setting for a kid's birthday party? The temple comes with a movie screen, kick ass audio system and the most authentic, documentaries amazing Kung Fu movies, spiritual leaders movie and movies about all those mediator of our believe system from Buddha, jesus,mahomey,abraham, chrishna etc....

Tired of seeing the same 100 fabulous people wearing the same fashion forward clothes, talking the same tired old trash they were talking at that birthday party last year? Invite them to party in yoga pants and arrange to have one of IronFlower's yoga instructors lead guests through a relaxing practice before the sake bar opens and the nori rolls are served.

Entertain 8 clients from Argentina and avoid the 7 course evening. Suggest everyone change into something comfortable and show up at IronFlower where the temple master will take them through a wonderful team-building body/mind/spirit practice then have dinner brought in or take everyone out somewhere casual and healthy, in the neighborhood.

IronFlower Alignment Healing- Fitness is so new, so one-on-one exclusive that no one even knows it's there yet, less has a clue what it is! Here is what they do there, when they are not hosting events:

Body Mind Spirit Alignment: At IronFlower the instuctors use Shaolin Kung Fu based methods to tone the spirit, de-stress the western mind and build a body that will thrill the soul; not to mention every lucky person who gets to look at it, or touch it. And with a little diligence and perspiration many find, the happiness they've been chasing is now chasing them. To quote the IronFlower Temple Master Taho Husain, "When the body is align with mind and spirit, and all experience robust health, nothing is beyond the human reach." one of the line i like to observe my self from a respectful ultimate divine prodigious son of creation "jesus" said:From the deepest part of yourself, let love be born for the rays of the One that shine arround you....
-Let this come from your whole heart- the center of your life: your passion, courage, and audacity-and thouch your whole subconscious self- that instinctive soul withing which scatters and gathers. From This self liberate your whole animal energy and life force to flood your entired grasping mind with love. He said!!!

This Brother from the West African coast, shifu has the moves and the body to prove it too.

Clients here, stretch with bamboo poles, steel-belt their abs with Zen- sit ups or work one-on-one with the Temple Master Taho, who calls his near-perfect body "a pleasant side effect of meditation and discipline." Seekers pursue perfection on the revolutionary, Kinesis machines (only one other facility in New York has them and we're not telling). These amazing machines allow one to replicate the movements of any sport against resistance. Practice that pesky backhand or backswing against a 30lb ball or swim in mid-air. Forget the lipo. Trim the extra from the middle and isolate small muscle groups with Iron Body Sculpt, Improve circulation and energy flow with Iron Flex, escape the "box of the mind" and achieve health and longevity with Tai-Ji.

If IronSpirit Wellness temple sounds like the the only place to hold a party don't wait too long to check it out. Once the fitness memberships are sold out, they may well adopt a "members only" policy for using the space.

For more information contact membership advisor at 201-204-3488

Photos of IronSpirit wellness available at web and print resolution at


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