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America's Premier Preparedness Center is helping Americans prepare for most any emergency that may come their way with survival supplies, emergency preparedness, disaster kits, disaster preparedness consultant, mre's, food storage, water filters, medical kits, under ground shelters.

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RSS, providers of Family Preparedness, Health & Survival Supplies along with current news on the environment, earth changes and lots more, has the Holiday Gift of being prepared for most any emergency. A Deluxe 72 hr Emergency Kit & the book “Basic Preparedness” as starters., a preparedness, news and resource site has launched a showcase of new and must have holiday gifts. The latest is the 72 Hour Deluxe Emergency Kit, along with Long Term Family Preparedness, old fashion family cures that never go out of style, books, online classes and more all featured at

Preparedness is a lot like insurance, people have to have it before the need arises. The products create are to be used to prepare our every day life before something happens.

Katrina is an awesome reminder of this. When emergencies happen prepared people survive. Developing technology and products for this purpose is why was launched to bring all that they have to consumers before the need arises.

The book "Basic Preparedness" is a how-to manual that almost takes readers by the hand and leads them through the basic steps of preparedness for most any emergency that may come their way. This one book covers the basics plus more. The first four basics for successful survival are food, water, medical and shelter. This how-to book addresses all of these needs in the first four chapters with easy to understand, simple instructions.

Then the following chapters cover the basics of shelter, grain usage & storage, food processing, homesteading, alternative energy, self-defense & sovereignty for a self-sufficient life style plus an index and glossary.

The Deluxe 72 Hour Emergency Kit will supply customers with the basic essentials for at least three days.

This is one of the finest deluxe 72 hr kits anywhere. It has real food to eat in the form of MRE's. Many of the items in this kit are not consumables, which means the kit can be reused over and over with only the food and water items needing to be replaced. We have included the famous Sunburst Solar/Dynamo Powered flashlight - AM-FM radio.

"This is the kit I use when I travel. It goes everywhere I am. The pack has extra room in it for additional items (I carry some cookies, vitamins, extra water etc. as needed for the trip I am on at the time. It is very flexible.) You can see most of the items in the picture. Extra food and water could turn this 72 hr kit into a 1-2 week kit. This kit can be used for many emergencies such as a Hurricane Kit, Tornado Kit, etc," said a spokesperson.

The Survival Center is America's oldest continually operating Survival Center with over 32 years experience. They are providers of family preparedness, health, and survival supplies. Everything from emergency kits to food storage, water filters, first aid and medical kits, solar-powered radios, flashlights to complete under ground shelters and their new above ground and inside shelters.

"We have helped thousands of families to prepare for most any emergency that may come their way. We have worked with Federal Reserve Bank locations to prepare, nuclear power plants, various business and governmental agencies as consultants and suppliers. We have the knowledge and experience to help you prepare."


Uncle Richard, author, lecturer, and frequent talk show guest.

Uncle Richard was an instructor/speaker at the recent “Are You Ready” Preparedness Expo in Seattle Washington. He conducted classes and consulted with many families and groups. He also is on many radio and Internet programs teaching people How-To be prepared for most any emergency.

The Survival Center

Providers of Family Preparedness, Health, & Survival Supplies
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