As Concern Grows Over the Inability to Detect Non-Authentic Websites, TrustDefender Closes the Security GAP

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TrustDefender is the answer consumers and business users have been looking for to protect against the insecurities of the Internet. With TrustDefender, you need no longer fear the risks of identity fraud through increasingly common "phishing" attacks. Businesses can ensure their staff are connecting to the office server securely, and not elsewhere. Finally, you can eliminate the security GAP and trust that the bank, e-commerce or other site you’re visiting is truly genuine.

Today, TrustDefender is launched to provide the world’s Internet users with a guaranteed way to stay safe when making transactions, conducting business and connecting to home or office servers when on the Internet.

Mr. Alex Horst, Chief Software Architect, said that what is missing today is the integration of the home user into the complete security chain:

  • Despite the fact that the banks secure their end of the security chain, consumers are left vulnerable with an inability to guarantee or verify the ecommerce site they are connected to is the correct site -- until it is too late.

  • Even if they are on a secure site, consumers are still missing the security link between the home user and the ecommerce site. This leaves them vulnerable to threats from malware or online based attacks such as cross site scripting (XSS)

  • Banks or ecommerce sites employing TrustDefender can define policies on how the home computer must look when carrying out an ecommerce transaction -- i.e. it must have up-to-date anti-virus software, a working firewall, etc -- otherwise logging onto the online bank will not proceed.

Horst continues: "TrustDefender removes all of the uncertainties of making any transaction online, be it with your bank, your office server or any other web service. TrustDefender finally closes the security GAP and brings trust back to the Internet. It’s the answer we’ve all been looking for!"

What does TrustDefender do?

TrustDefender is software that will analyze all outgoing Internet transmissions on a users' computer. By using its GAP Protection (Guaranteed Authentication Program), TrustDefender is able to guarantee the Authenticity of Web Servers. In case of uncertainty, TrustDefender will automatically connect to the free TrustedSurfing Internet Database to perform sophisticated checks and provide meaningful information.

TrustDefender is the only solution available today that will provide protection for both ends of the connection to protect the end-user at home as well as the online business (e.g. the bank).

What is the TrustDefender GAP and how does TrustDefender work?

GAP stands for "Guaranteed Authentication Program" and provides a non-forgeable, 99.9% secure system to tell end-users whether they really are on the right server -- or not. It is one of the ingredients in the ‘secret sauce’ that makes TrustDefender totally unique in the marketplace today.

When a user visits a site that requires authentication (entering of a username and password), TrustDefender springs into action. To start with, it utilises NIST approved algorithms to generate "Web fingerprints" (including SSL Certificate Fingerprints) to uniquely identify the remote website and issue a seal for those sites that participate in the GAP Program. It displays a non-forgeable picture (e.g. logo of the bank or other web service) on the screen, allowing the home or business user to verify the site they are visiting is the one they meant to visit.

For web sites and services that are part of the GAP Program, there is a valuable additional protection known as "Secure Lockdown." When this is automatically activated, the user's computer will be locked down so that only communication between the site you are visiting and your computer is possible. This totally secures the actual transmission while you are connected to the site or service you are visiting, and stops keyloggers, spyware, viruses or other malware on the system from transmitting any data while you are connected. This provides a solid general solution to all attacks like the popular XSS Attack or key loggers and/or other malware.

The TrustDefender "TrustedSurfing Database"

For web sites and services that are not part of TrustDefender’s GAP Program, TrustDefender will take advantage of the free TrustedSurfing Database (that we have created) to consolidate data from different sources. This provides the user with genuinely useful information on whether the site is trustworthy or not. The sources include blacklists from third party providers (like Microsoft, Netcraft and others), DNS/Pharming checks, and more. But most importantly it leverages the knowledge of the free Trusted-Surfing Internet Database. Users can write reviews and submit information to the database. A rating system will be in place (which has proven to be incredibly successful and fault resistant, as demonstrated by systems such as eBay’s ratings mechanism).

What is the difference between TrustDefender and basic "filter-only" programs such as the Microsoft Phishing Filter?

TrustDefender provides a new level of trust, the GAP Protection (Guaranteed-Authentication-Program), the Secure Lockdown, DNS/Attack/Pharming Checks, and among all these features also a means to identify Phishing sites (this last feature being all that Microsoft’s Phishing Filter and others offer). Last but not least TrustDefender takes advantage of the huge free TrustedSurfing Internet Database.

So while the Microsoft and other approaches are going in the right direction, they will not solve the underlying problem by just providing a Filter. But even more importantly, the other Phishing Filters do not provide any protection for the online businesses (like online banking, auction sites, web based email, secure connection to your corporate server, etc.)

You have to tackle the root cause of the problem and not just "try" to detect something. And don't forget: the "bad guys" are definitely adapting their new phishing attacks to make sure that they won't be blocked by the MS Phishing Filter.

To conclude:

  •      TrustDefender is the only solution that cares about the needs of the home user as well as for the online businesses (such as like online banking and other web services)
  •      TrustDefender uses GAP Protection and introduces a new level of trust to bring back customer confidence in online transactions.
  •      The Secure Lockdown defends against all sorts of attacks like keyloggers, spyware, cross site scripting (XSS), code injection and others
  •      Leveraging the Know-How of the large TrustedSurfing Internet Community Database with its efficient rating system.
  •      It's not about protection against phishing in the first place, as TrustDefender provides vitally needed �Trust� and provides a guaranteed Web Authentication. Protection against phishing attacks is a bonus.

Try TrustDefender today

TrustDefender invites all Internet users to help beta test TrustDefender today. Initially available as a free download from, TrustDefender will fast become the gold standard for Internet security.

For more detailed information, please read through the TrustDefender Whitepaper at

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