New Report Predicts 'Push Comes to Shove” in Wireless Sensor Solutions as the Waiting Market Looks for Working Products Rather than Standards Decisions

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New "Wireless Sensor Technology and Market Tracking Service" Market Report analyzes developments and concludes that the wireless sensor industry today is being driven by customer choice independent of the standards process. Competing wireless sensor and mesh network solutions will be sorted out by customer demand for simplicity, value and availability.

New WTRS Report finds the era of hyped high technology will be pushed aside by an existing demand for products that plug in simply, network with ease, expand with application development, and don’t require equity loans to purchase nor advanced degrees for installation. Wireless mesh networking standards will be set by market demand rather than by a standardization process beset by setbacks due to delaying deliberation and rancor among its members.

According to the WTRS report, the OEMs and end-users care less about “gee whiz” technology than “yes, this stuff works!” Wireless mesh deployments in the home are not in effect dependent on standardization, and therefore this market segment readily adapts and responds to customer need. The discussion, debate, argument and turmoil over standards will become less relevant as products come on line from, for example, Eaton, as others surface over the next 6 months.

“The companies with the products that solve real customer needs and desires will likely become the standard in the home market,” says Kirsten West PhD, Principal Analyst with WTRS, “We are seeing companies and OEMs using technologies such as INSTEON and Z-Wave as well as creating business alliances to build product eco-systems that solve the problems of safety, lifestyle enhancement and general home control while developing products using the technologies available today in the smoke detector, blind and drapery, lighting, and general appliance control area. One of the next big trends is electronic home improvement enabled by low cost, easy to use wireless solutions.”

“The predominant growth in wireless sensor markets in the coming year will be in home automation. Existing homes will find the installation of specific sensor applications growing in erratic patterns as new uses and developments become attractive to individual owners who add these incrementally," says West. “The adoption rate for wireless sensors and control product will follow the very traditional supply-and-demand pattern. In new housing markets wireless home automation technology will be installed by the builder or general contractor as part of the homebuilders standard offering. Overall, the predominant wireless sensor markets that will develop over the next year include home automation, commercial control, and industrial automation applications.”

WTRS new report, “Wireless Sensor Technology and Market Tracking Service: ZigBee, Zwave, Insteon, RFID, IEEE 802.15.4 and their Competition”, examines this inexorable move to market on the one hand, counterpoised with seemingly endless “standardization” discussions and maneuvers across all sensor markets.

This Tracking Service analyzes the Sensor and M2M Market in terms of its emerging technologies. It is written both for component-level companies and end-product companies who are in the process of evaluating the market and the Wireless Sensor and M2M Technology arena in general.

The twelve individual Market Reports packaged in this service analyze and forecast 20 market segments, 4 geographical areas and include a detailed analysis of the top 30 companies involved in the wireless connectivity segment. A purchase of the report includes one hour of phone consultation with an analyst each month. Reports which are part of the Tracking Service package are delivered on a quarterly basis, according to update schedule.

WTRS provides flagship market research reports in many areas of the wireless application space, and for six years has been a true market leader in accurate forecasting based on proprietary macroeconomic solutions. We know wireless technologies. WTRS, for six years “the place for independent wireless research.”

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