Thriving in a RoHS/WEEE Environment: Design Chain Associates, LLC and EPTAC Corporation Announce The Next Seminar Series

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"Thriving in a RoHS/WEEE Environment" is the most comprehensive, attended seminar on the new EU directives out there today. We begin with the breadth and depth of last year's seminar series, and add all new information on this continuously evolving issue, including insights in to new alloys, explanations of China RoHS and its' impact on you, supplier updates, reliability updates and much, much more.

Design Chain Associates, LLC and EPTAC Corporation have educated well over three thousand people from over eleven hundred companies in the electronics industry throughout North America and the world on complying with environmental legislation and requirements like RoHS and WEEE. The next phase of education now begins with another one day intensive seminar series throughout the United States.

"Thriving in a RoHS/WEEE Environment" is the most comprehensive, attended seminar on the new EU directives out there today. We begin with the breadth and depth of last year's seminar series, and add all new information on this continuously evolving issue, including insights in to new alloys, explanations of China RoHS and its' impact on you, supplier updates, reliability updates and much, much more.

If you could attend only one seminar on the hottest issue in the electronics industry, this has to be it. Brought to you by the leading sources of RoHS/WEEE knowledge, Design Chain Associates and EPTAC Corporation, this one day program will put you on track and keep you there to profit from doing business in a global marketplace. This seminar is a must for executive management that needs to determine the strategic direction of your firm and an absolute necessity for anyone involved in the implementation and execution of the required changes to conform and thrive.

Entire teams are urged to attend since environmental compliance impacts many groups. This seminar will give each group insights in to the others' challenges and issues and foster the broader understanding necessary for superior team performance.

This seminar is designed for OEMs, Distributors, Contract Manufacturers and Outsource Design and Manufacturing Firms. You should attend if you belong to one of the following groups:

Executive Staff - Get the latest on legislative updates and interpretations, financial impacts, minimizing loss prevention, growth decisions, outsourcing strategies, and the legal ramifications of everything you do.

Product Management - Learn about a strategic approach to environmental compliance and the impact to the entire product development process.

Design Engineering - Insights into material and component selection, components/laminates and their interaction, and electrical and mechanical product integrity..

Manufacturing Engineering - Learn new process designs, get updates on materials (alloys, fluxes, chemistries), insights into selecting the proper equipment and operating it with new parameters and the impact on reliability in production.

Quality Engineering - New acceptance criteria and how to monitor and control all aspects of production including auditing, reporting and analyzing process data.

Reliability Engineering - Help with defining a reliability baseline, understanding how changes in materials and production affect reliability results and updates on new findings with tin whiskers and other phenomenon.

Environmental Compliance Engineering - Operator safety and exposure to new materials and determining material disposition.

Procurement Staffing - Understand the impacts on material lead times, availability, managing inventories, availability of components, new contracting terms and end of life issues.

Operations - How to tackle material transitions, avoiding scrap and part obsolescence, and part identification and markings.

Finance - Addressing budgeting for changes, risk analysis of converting products and Sarbanes Oxley compliance.

IT and Document Control - Get new ideas on how to manage compliance status and data in your current PLM system, as well as the challenges of addressing storage, management and inventory control of a whole new set of products and parts.

Sales and Marketing - Discover the competitive advantages of RoHS/WEEE compliance, edging out competitors and developing your company's "Green Image".

Field Service - Return strategies, rework issues and correct markings of products for appropriate component replacement and rework processing.

What You Will Learn

There are six fundamentals areas impacted by these laws and requirements. You will receive the most up to date information in each one, from the EU's Thematic Strategies to Japan's new legislation, plus the following:

Business Environment

o    What you should expect from your customers and what your customers will expect from you

o    Maintaining your competitive advantage

o    Dealing with investor concerns and the "Green Image" of your company

o    What your legal exposure is in each country and what to look for in current contracts

o    Updates and status of legislation and regulations in various countries and states


o    End of Life issues and new technology

o    Supplier and Component Selection and Part Change Notifications

o    New process controls and parameters

o    Negotiating with Suppliers and implementing new contracts

o    Dealing with returns and appropriate replacement procedures

Business Processes

o    Addressing the introduction of new parts into the process

o    How to obtain all the appropriate component data

o    Testing materials for compliance: Pros, Cons, and Options

o    Understanding product life cycles and how redesign impacts this

o    Learn how to design, manage and audit the product development process

o    Develop life cycle thinking

Design For Environment

o    Get the latest on material selection and reliability

o    Dealing with agency re-certification of impacted products

o    New reliability testing and the results companies are coming up with

o    Design for dis-assembly

o    Reducing energy use, both in products and production

Manufacturing Processes

o    Updates on new assembly equipment and materials (alloys, fluxes and chemistries)

o    New inspection criteria for visual, semi-automated and optical inspection of both assemblies and materials

o    Rework and the impact of high thermal profiles resulting in component and laminate damage and increased moisture sensitivity issues


o    With wave soldering comes new solder pots, preheats, fluxes and profiles

o    New reflow systems, larger vs. smaller units, venting concerns and profile selection

o    Managing the corrosive nature of tin on soldering iron tips and dealing with equipment reliability

With the deadlines looming make sure you are taking the right actions and doing what is needed to profitably achieve compliance. Sign up and attend "Thriving in a RoHS/WEEE Environment" near you. DCA and EPTAC Corporation are also available for targeted, private in-house seminars. Contact us for more information.


The dates identified at this point are:

San Jose    Tuesday, February 14, 2006

San Diego    Thursday, February 16, 2006

Boston        Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Atlanta        Thursday, March 9, 2006

Austin        Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dallas        Thursday, April 13, 2006

Minneapolis    Thursday, May 4, 2006

Chicago        Thursday, June 8, 2006


Registration will be available shortly. Refer to the DCA and EPTAC websites for more information.

About Design Chain Associates, LLC

Design Chain Associates' consulting services help Electronics OEMs speed product time-to-market, reduce supply chain risks, and lower costs while increasing engineering and procurement efficiency. DCA offers a variety of consulting services related to RoHS and environmental compliance, including public and private seminars, product impact evaluation, personalized training, material composition acquisition, component engineering, Green BOM analysis, and competitive advantage analysis. San Francisco-based DCA has a local presence in other high-tech regions of the country such as the Austin/Houston corridor and the Boston region as well as around the globe through local associates. For more information, visit DCA on the web at

About EPTAC Corporation

EPTAC Corporation has been providing companies with the very latest in electronics production training since 1987. With several thousand students trained and certified, EPTAC continues to offer companies training in basics such as component identification and electrostatic discharge, all the way to advanced surface mount technologies and process automation. Founded in 1987, EPTAC offers a variety of training and certification programs to individuals and companies throughout the United States and Canada. EPTAC has developed an identity in the industry as a company capable of providing quality training and professional solutions to firms involved in electronics production. The company has grown from a single training program to providing over twenty-five (25) recurring training and certification classes and seminars. The programs that EPTAC currently delivers are based on industry standards such as IPC-A-610, J-STD-001, IPC-A-600, IPC-7711 and IPC-7721. For more information, visit EPTAC on the web at


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