E-SeraphimAngels.com Clarifies the Value of Seraphim Angels

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According to E-SeraphimAngels.com, there is a huge secondary market for seraphim angels. This means that seraphim angels are sold not only by artists but also by private companies and collectors.

According to E-SeraphimAngels.com, there is a huge secondary market for seraphim angels. This means that seraphim angels are sold not only by artists, vendors and distributors, but also by private companies and collectors, who buy and sell seraphim angels for profit.

Usually produced for retail at under $100 each, but sometimes produced in limited editions for as much as $1,000 each, seraphim angels tend to appreciate steadily in secondary market value, sometimes up into the thousands for modern models, or even higher for antiques in good condition. E-SeraphimAngels.com also explains that the value of seraphim angels is affected by a number of factors.


When a seraphim angel is exceptionally beautiful in its design or craftsmanship, people flock to obtain it, increasing its value.

Retirement Status

When a seraphim angel is retired, its value increases. This means that the angel will no longer be reproduced by the company and therefore is available only on the secondary market. The longer an angel has been retired, the more likely its value is to increase.


The value of seraphim angels depends in part on how prestigious it is. Figures recognized by the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers, Collectible Editions, and other trade organizations are given a boost in value. The Seraphim Classics Collection, for example, has garnered more awards than any other line of angels. This makes their angels the most valuable in the industry.


Some brands are more popular than others, and are therefore more valuable. Sometimes a particular artist’s work will be in high demand, or a distribution company will have such a good reputation that, no matter what it produces, people will want to buy. This demand creates higher value in the seraphim angel.

Limited Edition

Some lines of seraphim angels are produced with either a cap on the number of angels to be reproduced, or the time allotted for reproduction. When a particular model is sold out, it is considered retired and will never be made again. This usually drives up the value.


When a seraphim angel is still in its distributor-sealed box, it is in its best condition and therefore its highest value. One that is out of the box, but otherwise perfect, is considered to be in mint condition. Any chips, scratches, or missing limbs decrease the value of seraphim angels.

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