, Ltd. Allows You to Grant Some of the Most Unusual, Even Unrealistic Holiday Wishes this Year

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Own a tropical island or a professional sports team, even become a Scottish Laird.

A British Firm ( offers the opportunity for Americans to grant some of their loved ones’ and friends’ most impossible holiday wishes. Through, Ltd. you can finally own an island, a professional sports team, become and executive producer of a major British action film, or even become a Lord of a historic Scottish estate like the aristocrats of old. Give the gifts that tend to only exist in people’s dreams and imaginations. It will surely add a little more surprise and laughter to the Holidays.

Through purchasing different packages partial ownership of an island in the Bahamas, shares of a professional European football team, or land and a Laird or lady title in the highlands of Scotland can belong to anyone. Carnaby Films is giving the title of executive producer to anyone who invests in their upcoming film, The Last Drop, something that is not offered anywhere else in the world.

Piece of Paradise

Owning a small piece of paradise in the Bahamas can help maintain the pristine, natural environment that so many take for granted. This gift will allow people to sit back and remember past vacations while knowing that they have played a part in keeping our ecosystem healthier and safer. Besides this, how many people can say they own land in a tropical paradise? That is a wish come true for almost anyone.


Do you have a soccer fanatic in the family, or a young soccer prodigy who mimics Europe’s great soccer players after each goal he/she scores? One thing these loved ones may never have even thought would have been possible is possible, and affordable. With SoloShare, this holiday season, anyone can purchase a share of one of many different professional European soccer (football) clubs.

With the ever growing popularity of European football around the world this gift will greatly please anyone who follows the sport. Imagine the look on your child’s face as he/she learns of their involvement with a professional team. Even coaches can join forces with parents to purchase every child a share of the same team, to add just one extra unifying factor. Each person who purchases a share will receive a an attractive high-quality parchment deed, and the pack also includes a welcoming letter, a brief history of your chosen club or company, a guide to shareholders' rights and a postage-paid registration card.

In addition to football clubs, SoloShare is also authorized to sell single shares of Disney and Cadburys.

The Last Drop

Being an Executive Producer is a title that any cinema fan would love, especially if it was for a major action film with world-renowned actors involved. This package allows the buyer to become an executive producer, as well as the opportunity to meet the cast and crew, and a seat at the preview screening in London.

Anyone who buys the gift pack will automatically enter a drawing to win these other prizes. This gift pack cannot be purchased anywhere else, or with any other company on any other film, making it a unique gift for movie buffs everywhere.

Laird of Glencairn

We all have been there before. What do we get for someone who believes they have everything, acts like the King of their Castle, or is just an Anglophile at heart and is living in the wrong century?

Well, this person may seem to have everything, because what he/she wishes for may seem impossible to grant. Now you can get that person a legal title as a Laird of Glencairn.

This unusual Holiday Gift makes someone a legal Laird of Lady of Glencairn, and they will own a real title and a small piece of the Glencairn estate in Caithness, Scotland. -- In order to have the right to use the title, you must be a titled landowner of the estate. This gift would add spice to the annual conversation concerning what gifts friends received from loved ones and what exciting events took place over the holidays. "I became a Scottish Laird over Christmas...what did you do?"

By becoming a Laird or Lady of Glencairn, you will not only have the right to use the title in all personal and business correspondence, including in the UK, but you will be helping to preserve the natural highland environment and prevent any development in this historic area, which dates back more than 4,500 years and the Oldest Stone Age site in Britain. Further, the area was used for many centuries as a burial chamber for the first Highland Clan Chiefs.

For more information regarding pricing and other unusual gift ideas, please visit, or contact Alec Rosen at

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