HI-POD TV to Offer Broadcast Services for $600 to HI-POD Users; Schools Can Now Afford an Eight-Camera Broadcast of Their Games

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HI-POD is offering the HI-POD TV service to all schools that purchase HI-PODS. The service will be capable of combining footage from 8 cameras, 4 angles of instant replay, still and score graphic overlay, play-by-play, and commercial inserts.

HI-POD TV has made it possible for all schools to broadcast every one of their football, basketball, soccer,or volleyball games. HI-POD , the creators of the Extreme Camera Monopod will be providing the HI-POD TV service to all HI-POD owners.

The HI-POD TV service can provide (to participating schools) a broadcastable tape of their game. The broadcast can have as many as 8 cameras covering the game, 4 angles of instant replay/ slow motion in addition to play-by-play commentary. The broadcast can also have roster information, as well as Score & stats as graphic overlays.

Most importantly the HI-POD TV service can insert commercials. These commercials can be in the form of simple logo overlay or as 30 second commercials. The school can insert the commercials that they choose, thus easily paying for the HI-POD TV service. The broadcast tape can be aired on a leased access channel or webcast thru the HI-POD website.

HI-POD TV has truly made the cost of high school sports production affordable. This service will be initially offered to current and new HI-POD owners .

HI-POD TV is the follow up to the highly successful "Line-of-Scrimmage" HI-POD , and Endzone HI-POD.

The "line of scrimmage" HI-POD is a mobile 15 foot telescoping camera mast that an operator can easily pick up and move during a game. The camera on top of the mobile HI-POD is totally controllable by the operator. Zoom, record, pause, tilt, rotate, pan etc are all easily mastered by even the most novice HI-POD operator. This mobility, altitude, and proximity to the field creates footage that surpasses the Chapman crane footage that the broadcasters use to cover the sidelines of NFL and college games. (A Chapman crane takes 5 people to operate, a HI-POD requires only one person)

The Endzone HI-POD has become a coaches favorite tool. In 3 different upgradeable styles (15, 20 and 25 feet), the largest unit offers the greatest results for the coach. Elevating 25 feet behind the goal, the HI-POD towers above the top of the goal posts. This vantage point is the most effective teaching tool for the coach because it helps him explain formations and positioning to his players in a way that was only theoretical before. Now the coach can show a video equivalent of the chalkboard X and O diagrams to the team.

The HI-POD TV service will assist the media/ video department in the school or an external production company with the post production of the game broadcast. The school or production company will shoot the event, send the material to HI-POD TV , where the tapes will be processed overnight and sent back next day to the school for leased access broadcast.

Lock in your HI-POD TV service for the entire season by contacting HI-POD today.


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