CompAmerica Announces Second New Operating System for its PCs in Under a Week

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CompAmerica announces expansion of its custom fit operating system program to Open Source, with the release of CompAmerica vBSD (virtual BSD), code-named “AX6”. AX6 provides a mature, secure, reliable and stable operating system for Advanced Desktops and Advanced Fileservers.

After announcing CompAmerica/AX5 less than a week ago, CompAmerica has now announced the immediate availability of a second operating system: AX6, a/k/a vBSD ( While the recently announced AX5 offers an Open VMS look and feel and full Debian Linux compatibility for workstations, combined with a variant of the KDE windows environment which it claims “resembles Microsoft Windows XP in many ways”, AX6 offers an Open Source Server / Workstation platform surrounded by a very advanced collaborative workspace designed to overcome problems with use of such products as Front Page, .Net, WebDav and FTP Services.

Headed by one of the very first pioneers in Windowing, Dr. Jack A. Shulman, who wrote a very early windowed Federal Funds trading system for Citibank in 1975 that sparked the industry’s interest in the use of overlapping and tiled windows, CompAmerica indicated that:

“There isn’t just one flavor of Windowed Desktop, and there shouldn’t be, either. No one company and, with rare exception, no one individual will ever possess the scope of genius, nor the scope of support, to be the one-stop-shop for every PC or File Server. It literally takes hordes of programmers to develop and mature and refine even one genotype of Windowing, take Microsoft Windows for example, or the X11 Server for another, or MAC/OS for a third, or even the older Apollo Computer Aegis desktop and Domain Operating Systems that became the archetype for OSF1 (the prototype for modern GUIs and Operating Systems such as Linux, Unix, Windows and MAC/OS) while Jack was employed there.”

“These modern examples have only touched the very tip of the iceberg: when it comes to such user interfaces… there is much to develop and much to consider without any one company embodying Machiavelli. If only one company dominates the scene, the use of computing becomes focused in the areas it is strongest in, which in the case of every company since the days of Colossus (the world’s first programmable electronic computer, developed by Sir Thomas Flowers of the British Telephone Establishment, for the MK-Ultra project at Bletchley Park during World War II), has resulted in a very specialized set of limits beyond which no one dared tread. Today, we need broader computational initiatives and to lift the software development headroom out side the Solar System to well beyond the Stars…”

The first time CompAmerica has acknowledged embracing non-Windows in addition to Windows based systems, CompAmerica vBSD (AX6) started out life as the very distinguished FREE BSD Operating system (Berkeley Standard Distribution): a Unix Operating system which is accompanied by a vast and rich software environment, the X11 Server, and a choice of K Desktop Environment, and other popular Desktop Windows Managers. Accompanying the release are nearly 1.5 Gigabytes of popular application packages that can be conveniently loaded on your PC or File Server, including the Apache web server.

In addition, CompAmerica indicated it will be shipping a Server Management (“taming”) package called “8th Man” Web Drive, that provides a Virtual File Server service to reside on an ordinary FTP, WEBDAV, Frontpage or NFS based Website that maps to a Virtual Hard Drive, Printer, and Collaboration facility on any Windows XP or Windows 2000 PCs. This facility, available in Basic or Advanced Suite, will allow full company-wide, location-independent collaboration: file and link sharing, document and database sharing and application/media sharing, from any Web Server equipped with one of these commonplace services, including AX5 and AX6 servers. Equipped with exceptional connectivity, 8thman is designed to work automatically, without anything other than security configuration.

AX6’s extended collaborative services can be accessed by Windows 9x/NT/XP PCs and AX5 PCs and AX6 Workstations from a business’s corporate offices, from their employee’s homes, and while on the road, without any special commercial services short of proper authentication and security access. Deploying a “File at a Time”, “Folder at a Time”, “Volume at a Time”, Secure Certificate, SSL-Secure access and encryption service, 8thman is intended to protect valuable information assets from unauthorized public access to the private files in AX6 and other servers.

AX6 provides an internet based, secure facility that exceeds the connectivity of a traditional file server by, without any special facility or terminal service, sharing to local and public/mobil computers with sufficient authorization. CompAmerica has extended AX5 and AX6 as well as its Windows offering to support standard Smartcard and Biometric security as well as the 8thman Web Drive facility.

For more information about AX6, please visit this website:

CompAmerica can be reached by phone at 908-931-1200, and on the web at .

AX6 Website:

AX6 Support:



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