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When cosmetic surgery became all the rage back in the 1980s, only the “rich and famous” could afford a nip and tuck, and the rest of us had to settle for dreaming about it, notes Today, as technological advances have reshaped the world of plastic surgery, financial options have also helped to make those dreams a reality for everyone. is an organization dedicated to help men and women finance their cosmetic surgery procedure.

Contrary to what most people think, the typical patient at a plastic surgeon’s office is not a Hollywood A-list star or someone else in the entertainment business. Of course, those folks continue to have work done on their appearance, but the patients who keep doctors busy are regular people, girls -- or boys -- next door who just want to look better by reshaping normal structures of the body to improve their appearance. More than 10,000 patients have received a positive response from, and they’ve gotten their elective cosmetic procedures done for as low as $99 down.

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Fueling the trend of elective cosmetic surgeries is our youth-oriented, physically fit society, and the increase in self-confidence that patients achieve after their procedure can be life altering. As studies and surveys consistently show, the major goal for patients desiring breast implants, liposuction or a facelift is a newfound ability to face the world with confidence and self-assurance.

So, if your desire is there but your finances are lacking, one alternative is, which offers financing for all or part of your cosmetic surgery procedure. Indeed, this plastic surgery network has organized a group of board-certified surgeons who guarantee they will finance all or part of the procedure, and once you’re approved, you’ll receive a free consultation with the surgeon who has extended financing terms to you.

Even when finances aren’t an issue, recommends that all potential patients be certain of the procedure they would like to have done and discuss with the doctor all their questions, doubts and concerns they have before agreeing to the procedure. recommends that you keep these questions in mind during your plastic surgery consultation:

Is this really what’s making me look older/less appealing? You might think that a 36D breast size will be perfect for you, but your doctor may point you in another, better direction, based on your height and body frame. Be sure to listen to the recommendations of the experts.

Will I have a noticeable scar? Some skin types are more sensitive than others and therefore take longer to heal and return to normal. Ask your doctor to take a look at your skin or previous scars.

How is the procedure done, and how long is the healing process? Ask your doctor to explain what the procedure entails in and out of the surgery room, what steps you need to follow, and how long you have to take special care of yourself after the procedure is done.

Is it risky? Make sure to tell your doctor about current health issues or those you’ve encountered in the past. Ask what could possibly go wrong.    

Ideally, you’ll undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure confident that the outcome will include enhanced wellbeing and the satisfaction that comes with improving yourself. Thousands of patients have achieved these goals through the work of and financial options available through

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