Short Men Can Walk Tall This Holiday

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With 1/3 of the US men’s population under 5’8”, specialist retailer Jimmy Au’s for Men 5’8” and Under provides 5 top tips for clothing shorter men this holiday season.

As holiday season approaches celebrity clothier and specialist retailer Jimmy Au’s for Men 5’8” and Under launches 5 tall tips for clothing the shorter man. With 1/3 of US males under 5’8” each tip gives shoppers advice on how to select the correct fit and size, helping avoid a rush of returns in the post-holiday period.

1. If the cap doesn’t fit…don’t wear it.

Stop wearing oversized clothes. Wear clothes that are cut proportionately for you. Bigger clothes do not make you look bigger. Don’t buy a regular size suit when you should be wearing a short size, and don't buy a short size when you should be wearing an extra short size.

2. Be bold, but tread carefully

When buying a sportcoat, suit, or dress pants, stay away from bold or large plaids, windowpanes and checks. They will only make you look shorter. If you must get it, go after the smaller, more subtle varieties in muted colors. Make sure your windowpanes run longer in length than wide. Better choices would be solids or narrow to medium width stripes. The stripes themselves should be thin.

3. Size is everything.

When buying a suit or sports jacket, take the time to buy the right size. The length of the jacket only needs to be long enough to cover the bottom of your seat. Any longer and you will start looking shorter. Be sure to have your sleeves checked to be properly adjusted. Having sleeves fit without alteration is a rare thing, even for taller men.

4. Bigger isn’t always better.

When buying a dress shirt or sport shirt, go after slimmer cuts and shorter collars. Most sleeves are too long. Have the sleeves shortened, if necessary. If the shirt tail is too long, have that shortened, too.

5. A short rise for the right size

When buying dress pants, choose a short rise. The shorter rise will actually add comfort and mobility. A slimmer cut will actually be more comfortable sitting down. An angled plain hem would be the best choice. Have the back of the hem longer to give you a longer line and have the front of the hem short enough to allow the least amount of break. If you must wear a cuffed hem, make the cuff between 1" and 1 1/4" on a short rise pant. If you are wearing a regular rise pant, forget the cuff.

Jimmy Au’s expertise and fashion quality are no secret to Hollywood’s leading stylists and wardrobe departments who are clamoring for him to outfit their stars for major film and television projects including Alias, Crossing Jordan, The Italian Job, The West Wing, ER, Just Shoot Me, The Surreal Life, Six Feet Under and the upcoming Fox reality show Skating with Celebrities hosted by Scott Hamilton, among many others.

Jimmy Au’s for Men 5’8” and Under will shortly be opening a new flagship store in Beverly Hills. The store will be the first short men’s store in Beverly Hills and the largest short men’s store of any kind in the US. For more information please visit

About Jimmy Au’s

  • JA offers the following sizes: 34 Extra Short- 48 Extra Short for men under 5’5” including odd sizes to 43; 34 Short- 50 Short for men 5’5” to 5’8” including odd sizes to 43; 44 Portly Short- 52 Portly Short for men 5’5” to 5’8”; 42 Portly Extra Short- 48 Portly Extra Short; and Athletic Short and Extra Short sizes by special order.

•Jimmy Au’s has outfitted stars for major film and television projects including Be Cool, Bewitched, Collateral, Alias, The West Wing, ER, Just Shoot Me, Spin City, X-Files, Married with Children, The Surreal Life and Six Feet Under.

•Jimmy Au’s has wardrobed numerous celebrities in many fields, including Danny DeVito (TV/film), Dick Clark (TV/radio), Paul Williams (music), Scott Hamilton (sports), Bart Connor (sports), David Cassidy (music/TV), Danny Bonaduce (radio/TV), Flava Flav (music/TV), D.L. Hughley (TV/film), Michael J. Fox (TV/film), Joel Grey (TV/stage), Mel Brooks (film/stage), Nathan Lane (film/stage), Martin Sheen (TV/film) and Mark Wahlberg (film).

•Jimmy Au’s offers custom tailoring and alterations on all items purchased in the store including hard-to-find sizes in designer brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and Jack Victor which are not offered in major department stores.

•For more information on Jimmy Au’s For Men 5’8” and Under call toll-free 1-877-JIMMY-AU or visit

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