Gamerz: Bored? Check Out CompAmerica's New Game Shop M -- Win Prizes: Name the M

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CompAmerica opens up Game Shop M: “the ultimate source for gaming software, hardware and accessories for desktop and mobil gamers”. Featuring over 650+ products, CompAmerica is offering a prize for the first Gamer whose idea “Names the M!”. The new store will be constantly redesigned around what Gamers themselves submit to “Design the M!”.

We think Gamers vary from the very competitive to the much laid back. However, all of them have one thing in common: they all like things laid out their way. We're trying something new.

You'd think having the most powerful gaming laptops on earth -- the CompAmerica ORCA 90x2-64 Dual Core 17 inch super laptop( and the lowest cost 64 Bit PCs on the Planet -- Phoenix 64 ( would be enough.

CompAmerica, however, continues to roll: opening its new 24x7 Game Shop M for true gamers as well as casual video game players. A selection of over 650 gamer-oriented products can be purchased online, with a twist:

If you are selected from all contestants who submit a name in CompAmerica’s “Name the M!” contest, which starts after December 26, you’ll walk away with a new M-Gamer PC, absolutely Free. And, you can redesign CompAmerica's Game Shop M just by submitting your own ideas.

Game Shop M features the best PC, Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Play Station, DS, Atari, Gameboy, games and other PC Gamer and Console Game Gear, order by PayPal or Credit Card Online.

“Actually, we are just checking in with the Gamers out there to see if they are interested in us hosting this new Game Shop M, so as to make their lives easier and a whole lot more interesting. We think most Gamer-oriented electronic stores are all about hype and moving the products manufacturers want them to,” said CompAmerica’s CEO Jack A. Shulman. “We think Gamers vary from the very competitive to the much laid back. However, all of them have one thing in common: they all like things laid out their way. We’re trying something new.”

“We’ve no pre-conceptions, we’re going to build Game Shop M from the grid up around the requests, ideas, suggestions and recommendations of our customers: the Gamerz themselves. We call it the first Interactively Customer-Designed Game Shop in the Universe. Where that stops, nobody knows. Even if we have to build an Arcade into it online, or open up Game Competitions at Shopping Malls across America, we’re going to find a way to better entertain the Gaming Youth and Gaming Adults of America and the World.”

Joe Davenport, a company engineer, added: “To begin with, we’re starting out with the ‘Name the M!’ contest. Here’s how it works: Gamers submit their idea for what the M should stand for. We pick the best of the best and have a show down, to see which is the best name of all. The showdown will be aired on the Web in Reality Format. The winner gets a new CompAmerica M-Gamer’s 64 Bit PC with Windows XP. From that moment on, the Gamers will determine what sections, products, technology, and gear we add, even the layout of the basic electronic store. Call it the first Customer-Driven Gamer Shop designed right on the web. We’re not going to build Game Shop M the way the bought and paid for marketing Suits dictate… this time its up to the Gamers themselves!”

CompAmerica’s new Game Shop M, slated for constant redesign by gamers and other customers, can be found at It’s only a Temporary Store – beware – gamers at work.

Members of the Gaming Public who wish to “Name the M!” and participate in the contest to be selected as the “M Gamer” who “Named the M!” can submit their entries online after December 26, 2005 through an official entry form that will be posted at the bottom of Game Shop M's home page.

Those who also want to redesign the Game Shop M, offering specific layouts, details and interesting suggestions, have recommendations, wants and/or needs may initiate their written proposal to “Design the M!” online or by email.

The company cautioned all Press and visitors that the initial Game Shop M's appearance is likely to change very drastically very rapidly. Its presently humble auspices with front piece featuring the most popular gaming and game gear, and the built-in “Show 648+ Gaming Products” Catalog, where Gamers can buy whatever they need online, is going to get really heated up in the near future. CompAmerica said that at least one Computer Company is going to start taking the gamers seriously.

“It’s going to be pretty Mad!” said a company spokesperson. “And it’s going to get even Madder!”

CompAmerica can be reached on the web at or by phone at 888-275-2771.

Game Shop M can be found at or at

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