Economic Technologies’ GEPR Report Calls for a $125 Billion Bond Issue, for Core Infrastructure Development in LDCs and Other Developing Countries

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Economic Technologies’ Chairman & CEO, Jude E. Uba, today, released the company’s highly anticipated report urging a $125 billion capital facility for infrastructure solutions in developing countries.

Economic Technologies’ Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Jude E. Uba, today, broadly released the company’s highly anticipated report urging a $125 billion capital facility for infrastructure solutions in developing countries.

As a consequence of the success of the G8 Summit, at Gleneagles, Scotland, this past June, and at the request of many government leaders, Economic Technologies accepted the committed to develop a comprehensive and far-reaching report on building core economic growth infrastructures in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America (including Mexico) and Eastern Europe. A principal component of that commitment is to present what it will take to deliver real results, on a quicker pace.

The final Report, which was presented at a teleconference this past week, recommends the issuance of a $125 billion Global Infrastructure Bond. Proceeds will be managed by a team of the world’s best-of-breed investment and equity management institutions, with overall management oversight by a five-member board, consisting of major bond subscribers, brilliant industry leaders and a representative of Economic Technologies. The fund will have a strong mandate to invest in advanced healthcare delivery, clean energy technologies, powerful financial and telecommunication systems and core infrastructure solutions (such as water filtration and purification systems, trade growth infrastructure and transportation systems) in the above regions, with clear exit strategy.

Clearly evident, following the presentation, are inclinations of strong, unprecedented and genuine interest from such countries as Abu Dhabi (UAE), Japan, China, Kuwait, Singapore and Saudi Arabia, with rich foreign reserves and assets, in addition to developed countries, to invest in or guarantee portions of such a massive bond issue. “This merges global aspirations with actual actions and pushes critically needed intervention away from suffocating global discussions into real actions on the ground, driving assurances that billions of people will enjoy real and immediate benefits,” said Jude E. Uba, Economic Technologies’ Chairman & CEO. “This puts expectant results on a far-reaching perspective, with truly unique and extraordinary benefits lurking for the global economy, more than any one single undertaking in history.”

According to the Report, this fund must not take any characteristics other than as a pure market play, with multiple return on investment windows for bond investors or guarantors, in the form of interest return and pay-outs as investments are divested (public listing), sold or as valuations escalate, as heavily expected. The Report anticipates a combined, long-term, return on investment to bond holders, to be in the vicinity of $20%. The fund’s overseeing board shall, also, be responsible for recruiting and training brilliant managers for these groundbreaking and massive investments and shall assure that collateral environments for investment success are made available by recipient countries. “I can hardly contain my excitement,” said Uba. “This will deliver, at a rapid pace, the benefits of directional technological breakthroughs and efficient infrastructure solutions, on a massive scale, to billions of people who, currently, live and operate on the fringes of the global economy.”

It is Economic Technologies’ unbent commitment to be a central transforming force in global economics. We are actively supportive of any real attempts at extending high quality of living to billions of people, worldwide.

About Economic Technologies, Inc.:

The company builds, integrates and manages the economic intelligence, economic operating systems, critical backbone infrastructures and synthesized common platforms that enable nations to, rapidly, achieve massive and sustained economic growth. The company is leading an ambitious worldwide effort, to build the largest and most comprehensive market distribution infrastructures and services in the world, through the bundling of economic growth technologies and applications, logistics management, financial/capital markets, advanced global healthcare access, and information distribution networks.

Economic Technologies’ proprietary economic science breakthrough, the product of a 15-year intensive R&D, and the first-of-its-kind, is changing how 4.5 billion people, worldwide, work and live.


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