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The compensation plan for has been designed by experts with decades of experience in network marketing. This plan has two primary objectives. First, to make it easy to share with others. Second to get money in members hands as soon as possible. They believe that nothing drives a deal more than members sharing the excitement of making money, not accumulating business volume or points. They believe that the members need to make money.

This plan is simple. They have a 3x8 Forced Matrix that pays the member from level 3 through level 8. On level one there are only 3 business centers. People are placed under the member whether they refer them or not. Levels 2 through 8 have (in order); 9,27,81,243,729,2187,6561 business centers. Now here's the good news. Whether you refer the people who fill these levels or they come from other people in the company they are placed in the members matrix.

Here are the details…

When a new member joins and buys an ad for $25(US) they will receive two income generating Business Centers in their 3x8 Matrix. You receive a Gold Business Center and a Silver Business Center.

The members can buy as many $25 blocks of ad space as they want and will receive a Gold and Silver Business Center for each. The more $25 ad blocks they buy the bigger their ad.

Each members Gold Business Center is placed [top to bottom - left to right from the top of the structure down starting with the company in the order that people join. It doesn't matter who refers them or what country they are from, they just keep filling in. Every time a Business Center falls on your 3rd through 8th levels the member gets paid.

Everyone's Silver Business Center is placed under the members sponsors Silver Business Center. Every time sales take place on the 3rd through 8th levels they are making money.

Filling an entire matrix would make them $9,564.75. Once you have filled an entire Matrix you will be given a new Business Center.

Remember you get TWO Business Centers for every $25 ad block, so it's possible to make $19,129.50 for every $25 spent on advertising.

There are never any sponsoring requirements to get paid, but of course they will make more if they do refer others.

Matching Bonus

20% Matching Bonus on all Personally Referred People. Example: If a member personally refers 10 people, in their first 60 days and they each make an average $1,000.00. This will entitle the member to get a matching bonus of $200 per person, making them $2,000. In the same scenario if they referred 100 people they would make matching bonuses of $20,000.

The Excitement of the Plan

Every time someone buys a $25 pixel block from they get 2 business centers. Each business center pays 6 people above where that business center is placed. So, for each $25 pixel block 12 people get paid because there are 2 business centers per $25 pixel block. In addition, the 12 sponsors of these business centers all get matching bonuses. That is 24 people getting paid on one $25 sale.

Now, imagine if someone buys 10-$25 pixels for a total of $250, over 100 people could get paid!

Find out more by seeing this informative page with audio. They are in Pre-launch right now so get your space today and take advantage of the massive growth.


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