New Book Guarantees Success With ’06 New Year’s Resolutions

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From losing 10 pounds to making 10 million bucks; from quitting smoking to renewing your marriage; whatever your quest, following the simple process revealed in the new book, THE DELTA INITIATIVE guarantees you can do it, in 120 days or less.

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This year your New Year’s resolutions don’t have to wind up on the scrap heap, if you believe the author of a new book.

"You can teach an old dog new tricks, and you can do it quickly, with permanent results.

“From quitting smoking to renewing your marriage, from losing 10 pounds to making 10 million bucks. Whatever your quest, following the simple formula I reveal in this book will change your business and/or your life, in 120 days or less.”

So says author, Jim Ackerman, of his new book, "The Delta Initiative… How To Easily, Permanently Change Whatever Sucks in Your Business or Your Life, in 30 Minutes a Day, in 120 Days or Less."

The truth is, we all have things that suck in our lives. They suck time, energy, emotional strength, mental power, money and more,” Ackerman said. “We make new year's resolutions to change those things, but for most of us, we just don’t know how to change any of it.”

Ackerman’s concept is based on a system he routinely uses to help his business clients change their marketing and advertising programs for increased success. Since 1997 he has worked with over 400 small to mid-size businesses across the nation through his unique marketing coaching program. During that time he has offered each client a 400% return on investment guarantee, based on performance, and he has never had to refund a dime. He boldly claims that anyone who faithfully follows his formula is destined for success, no matter the endeavor.

“You may already know that the Greek letter ‘delta’ is the scientific notation for Change. You know... change in temperature, change in pressure, change in altitude or in this case... change in YOU or your business!” Ackerman says.

The Delta Initiative process is based on what the author calls his five U-needs and a specific plan of action. The U-needs include…

1.    The What-to-dos

2.    The How-to-do-its

3.    Resources to get it done

4.    Feedback to do it right

5.    Accountability to make sure you actually do it.

Once the pieces are assembled, "The Delta Initiative" lays out a simple, yet profound implementation plan, based on 30-minute per day action items. The action items are "backtimed" from a final target outcome no more than four months out. The individual steps to reach that outcome are sequenced in tasks that take as little as 30 minutes each and no more than two hour blocks.

Ackerman claims that within 120 days you can lay the framework for lasting, positive change in any aspect of your business, life or relationships.

Dave Rollins, Director of International Finance for the Franklin Covey company agrees.

“I was just going to read the first few pages, but I couldn't stop. I read the whole thing… This is a very practical lifestyle change for continual improvement,” Rollins said.

A snappy, entertaining, and straight-shooting, one-hour read, it’s hard to believe such a short book can pack such powerful and specific information that really does have the power to change lives. In it, Ackerman defines the specific steps that need to be taken and the pitfalls to avoid. He also includes a set of specific action items for readers to accomplish at the end of each chapter.

"The Delta Initiative" (Ascend Publishing,$19.77), comes with a free audio CD program and easy-to-use software implementation tool. For a copy of Ackerman's free preview of the go to

About Jim Ackerman:

Jim Ackerman is a marketing "gunslinger" who helps his clients "get more customers who will pay you more money, more often(tm) the fastest, easiest, most cost effective ways possible. His flagship product is his "Principle-Centered Marketing Coaching(tm) program, from which he derives "The Delta Initiative Process. He is also the father of nine children and a baseball coach, who has used The Delta Initiative process in coaching his own children, his players, and himself to exact improvement in many aspects of life and sports. Jim is a member of the National Speakers Association and addresses audiences all over the country. He is the author of several books, is a national columnist and publisher and author of a monthly newsletter on marketing, advertising and sales. For more information about Jim Ackerman, visit the press room at or at

About the book:

The Delta Initiative... How To Easily, Permanently Change Whatever Sucks in Your Business or Your Life, in 30 Minutes a Day, in 120 Days or Less was developed out of Jim's years as a business and sports coach, and as a parent. The book details the 5 resources any person contemplating any kind of change in his or her life, must have in place if lasting change is to be effected. Perhaps most important among these resources is someone -- a coach -- to provide feedback and accountability. It also gives a specific process to follow in utilizing the resources to accomplish the desired change in short order.

"The Delta Initiative" is available in select bookstores, and can be ordered immediately online at, or on Or, orders may be placed by calling toll-free 800.584.7585.

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