Double Blind Placebo Clinical Trial Supports Effectiveness of HPF Hangover Prevention Formula Contrary to British Medical Journal Report.

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Nutrimark, LLC, the manufacturer of HPF Hangover Prevention Formula(tm), has very substantive clinical evidence to refute a published article in the British Journal Of Medicine relating to its patented Prickly Pear Cactus extract, Tex-OE(tm).

The purpose of an article in The British Medical Journal, December 24, 2005, which was sent to news media throughout the world, was to present a review of fifteen different hangover interventions. This daunting challenge, compiled by only two “reviewers” basically concluded that no hangover preventative product works.

Nutrimark would like to set the record straight in support of the company’s nutritional supplement that contains the patented prickly pear extract that was found to be effective at preventing hangover symptoms in randomized controlled trials at a major medical university.

The clinical study on the patented prickly pear extract was performed by the distinguished medical research team, that also published a comprehensive report entitled The Alcohol Hangover, presented in the Annals of Internal Medicine, July, 2000,132: 897-902.

The clinical trials performed among 55 graduate medical students at Tulane University were peer-reviewed by the American Medical Association and the results were published in the AMA’s prestigious Archives of Internal Medicine, 2004; 164: 1334-40.

In the double-blind, randomized placebo study conducted at typical-style college barbecue parties on campus at Tulane, the patented extract, Tex-OE, derived by a special patented process from the fruit of the prickly pear cactus, was found to be the first product ever deemed “statistically significant” at preventing hangover symptoms when taken before ingesting alcohol. In addition the study found Tex-OE to provide improved cognitive function the morning following drinking.

The clinical study reported that the active extract works to prevent typical hangover symptoms such as dry mouth, fatigue and nausea by preventing inflammation caused by alcohol. The manufacturer’s HPF Hangover Prevention Formula with Tex-OE also contains B-Vitamins which are depleted when alcohol is consumed. Tex-OE also has been the subject of studies that show that the extract has the ability to rapidly accelerate the synthesis of protective and restorative HSPs (heat shock proteins) in response to various types of stress.

Nutrimarki, CEO, Gerald J. Stefanko commented, "One saving grace of the article in the British Medical Journal may be he exposition and quick dismissal of a plethora of “snake oil” hangover products being marketed that are not rooted in proven science as Tex-OE is. However, if the research fellows take the time to carefully peruse the peer-reviewed study, or better yet, test the extract for themselves, they will understand why rapidly increasing numbers of people throughout the world are continuing to buy HPF Hangover Prevention Formula with Tex-OE".

The peer-reviewed clinical trials of the patented prickly pear extract validate the claims of the Southern California company, Nutrimark, LLC, that manufactures and sells Tex-OE as a dietary supplement. Trademarked under the name HPF Hangover Prevention Formula, the herbal extract capsules are sold nationally in the U.S. via a toll free 24/7 call center (800) 720-2970, via the internet at and

Stefanko added, "In response to our nutritional supplement's ever-increasing demand, Nutrimark is now gearing to move its patented hangover prevention product line into the mass-market."

Investor inquiries should be directed to: Gerald J. Stefanko, CEO, Nutrimark, LLC, PO Box 346, Cardiff By the Sea, CA 92007 (760) 845-4320


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