Top 10 Infidelity News Stories of 2005

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Infidelity expert, Ruth Houston lists the top 10 infidelity news stories of 2005.

Same-sex infidelity, workplace infidelity, celebrity infidelity and emotional infidelity figure prominently in the annual list of top infidelity news stories compiled by Ruth Houston, a New York- based infidelity expert frequently called on by the media to comment on infidelity issues in the news.

Below are infidelity expert Ruth Houston’s picks for the top 10 infidelity news stories of 2005.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie

The divorce of Hollywood’s golden couple was the leading infidelity story of the year. Brad and Angelina met during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, while he was still married to Jen. Their ensuing emotional infidelity eventually led to Brad and Jen’s divorce, though Brad and Angelina repeatedly denied being sexually involved. Brad, Angelina and her two adopted children are now living together, while Jennifer has turned her attentions to Vince Vaughn, her co-star in Break-Up.

Boeing CEO Harry Stonecipher’s Resignation Over His Extramarital Affair

Stonecipher, 68, was forced to resign after the board received a anonymous tip about his affair with divorcee Debra Peabody, a vice president in the Boeing’s Washington, DC office. Stonecipher was exposed by x-rated company e-mails to Peabody, whom he’d met only weeks earlier at an annual company retreat. Joan Stonecipher, his wife of 50 years, immediately filed for divorce.

Canadian Ruling On Same Sex Infidelity

In a landmark decision, Canadian Supreme Court Judge Nicole Garson ruled that same sex affairs constitute adultery and are legitimate grounds for divorce. The case involved a woman who filed for divorce from her husband of 17 years after discovering he was sexually involved with another man. The judge's decision is expected to have far-reaching consequences across the country in view of Canada’s nationwide legalization of same-sex marriages last July.

Prince Charles Marries His Mistress

Prince Charles finally marries Camilla Parker Bowles, the woman with whom he conducted a long-term affair while they both were married to others; and whom Princess Diana blamed for the breakdown of the royal marriage. Their wedding, a highly controversial civil ceremony, marked the end of what was widely regarded as an illicit, 30-year extramarital affair.

Clara Harris’s Prison Interview On The Oprah Winfrey Show

Oprah aired an exclusive interview with Clara Harris, the Texas dentist who is currently serving 20 years in prison for running over her husband after confronting him with his mistress at a local hotel. In addition to letting Clara tell her side of the story, Oprah aired a computer-enhanced re-enactment video, rejected at the trial, which Clara had hoped would shed new light on her case.

Jude Law and Sienna Miller

Despite Jude Law’s public apology after he was caught cheating with his children’s nanny, Sienna broke off their engagement. They eventually reconciled after months of begging on Jude’s part. Then Jude ditched Sienna on learning that she’d cheated on him with new James Bond actor Daniel Craig. The pair has since rekindled their rollercoaster romance.

Author Terry McMillan Divorces Her Gay Husband

McMillan divorced her husband of 6 ½ years after learning that he was gay, claiming he defrauded her by not revealing his sexual orientation. The ugly divorce, with restraining orders on both sides made headlines around the country, re-opening discussions about same-sex infidelity and bi-sexual men on the down low.

Worldcom Judge Allows Questions About Witness’s Own Extramarital Affairs

During the securities fraud trial of former WorldCom CEO Bernard Ebbers, U.S. District Judge Barbara Jones ruled that the defense could quiz star prosecution witness, Scott Sullivan about his own marital infidelity because it addressed the witness’s character for truthfulness.

Brokeback Mountain

This movie, a love story about two cowboys involved in a homosexual relationship, based on a short story by E. Annie Proulx, leads the nominations for next year's Golden Globe awards. Jack and Ennis reconnect in adulthood and begin a 20-year episode of same-sex infidelity which they hide from their wives under the guise of fishing trips to Brokeback Mountain. Often described as a “gay cowboy romance,” this movie was named best picture by the New York Film Critics Circle and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

Trapped in the Closet

R&B singer R. Kelly’s serialized pop song melodrama with a plot involving multiple adulteries, including same sex infidelity. These unconventional songs, ongoing narratives initially released to radio one at a time, became r&b hits, generating even more interest as the accompanying video became available. Kelly’s multi-part mini-soap opera currently consists of 12 parts.

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