Online Fitness Equipment Store Helps Women Set Honest and Realistic New Year's Resolutions for 2006

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New Year's Resolutions to achieve better fitness abound. Recognizing the challenges in keeping these resolutions, a women's fitness website brings new energy to the effort.

The only thing more common than making fitness resolutions is breaking them. There is great stake in keeping those New Year's resolutions for both individuals and society. Although medical science has done wonders to increase the average life expectancy, the quality of that extended life remains questionable without the beneficial effects of physical exercise.

Not everyone, however, is willing to do what it takes to get and stay fit, at least not without some encouragement. Encouragement may be at hand, at least for women. One woman's blog reported, "I found this great website that is part informational, part online store that I thought was pretty good, aimed specifically at women: - Hope you find it as helpful as I did!", dressed in peachy and soothing tones, often feels like a consciousness-raising support group as much as it does a fitness equipment retail store. The honest communication it strives for with its customers is exemplified in the website's unusually candid words to women about setting and keeping their New Year's resolutions for 2006. "For better success, consider the 'why do' before the the 'how to' of fitness," states an article written for its e-mail newsletter. The article continues, "There is a very lucrative industry that preys on the many hopefuls looking for fast and easy fitness. It sells all kinds of gadgets and books claiming you can get fit in just minutes a day. The truth is, something must change inside yourself that helps you shift your priorities and organize your life in ways that make space for your new fit-consciousness."

Among other things, the site encourages women to partake in more strength training exercises, and sells fitness equipment especially suited to women. Each grouping of products comes with clear explanations about their purpose and how women in particular benefit from their use. About weight training gloves, for instance, it instructs, "gloves protect a woman's hands and enhance her workout so she may grip those bars and cables with more confidence, move more weight and develop greater strength."

Janet Ford, a Certified Personal Trainer and co-founder of, states "many of our customers are health-conscious women of the baby boomer generation – they are independent and fiesty, and they ain't goin' to no nursing home in their later years." A major focus of the website is staying younger throughout the entire life span by weight training, an activity that is still mainly dominated by men, but has been of increasing interest to women given consistent research findings in the last decade showing the youth-enhancing effects of resistance training.

In its tips for New Year's fitness resolutions, guides women to self-reflect by asking themselves seven questions: (1) Do you want to give yourself a second chance at life? (2) Do you believe aging is just something that happens to you? (3) What and whom do you want to attract this year? (4) Have you written down realistic and specific fitness goals for 2006? (5) Do you believe that fitness is something you can cram into your hectic life? (6) Do you feel you want to start slowly, or put your resolutions off to 2007? (7) Do you need a workout buddy to help you stick to a program?

The answers to these questions aim to help women uncover their goals and belief systems that affect the resolution process. One big idea that emerges is how much control we have over our aging process versus years ago. Today, we die of heart disease and other illness that develop slowly, and are caused largely by certain eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. This is good news, reports, because we now can do something to prevent and even reverse age-related frailty – a fact that should bring new light and motivation to the fitness effort.

About Web site was established to promote and provide fitness equipment and information that assist women to achieve their fitness goals. The company was founded by Certified Personal Trainers, Linda Kravitz and Janet Ford, who work with various other fitness professionals, most notably, Gordon Waddell, CSCS, on product selection and information.

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