Teachers Needed in China; New Group Formed to Assist in Increasing Demand

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Travel and teach for six months or one year in China. Teachers in English and other disciplines are urgently needed.

It is recruiting season in China once again and a new group, VESL, has being formed to assist Colleges, Schools, and Private Teaching Centers with the daunting task of choosing foreign teachers and experts for 6-12 month assignments.

Coming to China is relatively easy and immensely rewarding.

Requirements are: A Bachelor's Degree and either two years of teaching experience or a TESL certificate for a foreign expert job (generally teaches oral English)or A Masters Degree or above for a Foreign Expert. Foreign Experts may teach in any discipline.

A valid Passport from a country with English as its Native Language as well as a Medical Exam. Candidates should be of reasonably good health though the health exam is generally to rule out contagion, not to discriminate against infirmities. Volunteer, In-Company Training and Internships may be counted toward the teaching requirement for many of the jobs

Though each contract will vary slightly successful candidadtes will receive 4-10,000 RMB per month in salary (2-10 times the national average pay)and be given one-way airfare ( or cash equivalent) for completion of a one semester contract or round-trip fare for a year's signing.

Teachers are in the classroom 12-20 hours a week and get a reasonable vacation period and a modest travel allowance each semester.

Most teachers will instruct conversational, business, or oral English. Opportunities exist for teaching other subjects and in other disciplines for those with a Masters or above

Free housing with all appliances, TV, Computer(most of the time), cooking utensils, and furniture are standard at all institutions. Medical Insurance in some institutions and free Chinese Language Training in many Schools are also offered.

One of the many difficulties for schools who recruit is hiring teachers who are truly what they claim to be and are not just runaways from legal or unemployability issues in their home country. To that end a friend is establishing a database of "Verified" teachers. These will be teachers that have had their letters of recommendation and school credentials validated. Verification is not required but, schools will increasingly rely on "Verified" teachers for their vacancies.

If you have any interest in teaching in China or questions about what it might entail please send your name and email address (it will not appear publicly)along with what level of school you wish to teach, the subject you wish to teach, what degree you currently hold, your area of preference (rural, North, South, metropolitan, public, private...) and the length of time to wish to be employed (6 or 12 Months) and whether or not you wish to be "Verfied". You will be matched with employers and will receive, within a week,an email with links to jobs that suit you and sites that will prepare you for your trip to the Middle Kingdom. You can then apply for specific available jobs as you wish. Your data will not be sold or distributed to anyone. There is no cost for this service.

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