All-Inclusive Resort Vacation with Toddlers & Kids

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Traveling to Mexico or Caribbean all-inclusive resorts with toddlers & kids? Worried about food and water?

Traveling to Mexico or Caribbean all-inclusive resorts with toddlers & kids? Worried about food and water? Don't worry, things will be fine. Here's some tips:

  • Bring a travel kettle to boil tap water to wash your kids sippy cups, plastic cutlery etc. Put a small amount of dish soap in a Tupperware dish and use that for soap.
  • Even if your hotel room tap water says it is drinkable don’t drink it. Sometimes just a change in water even safe water can send toddlers and some adult’s stomachs/bowels for a turn. Therefore brush and rinse your teeth and tooth brushes with bottled water too. Just keep getting extra bottles in your mini fridge.
  • Bring lots of their favorite dry snacks from home for munching in the hotel room and by the pool or beach.
  • Eat fruit that has to be peeled e.g. bananas, pineapple, mangoes, oranges etc.
  • It can be nerve racking experience if your toddler is a fussy eater. Do not worry; they will manage fine on fruit, crackers, toast, pancakes, yogurt, ice cream, French fries, muffins, hot dogs and pizza; not ideal but it is only for seven days.
  • Bring along a large pack of juice drink boxes, the single serving applesauce and mini Oreos and mini cereal bars.
  • Milk tastes a bit different in Mexico, so your child may not like it. All-inclusive resorts always have fresh juices and if you bring your drink boxes you will have those too.
  • Bring along lots of extra baby face cloths as you go through them very fast. You only get a couple of face cloths in your room.
  • If you are worried about high chairs or other eating surfaces bring along a pack of bacterial wipes.
  • Bring the rubber bath mat from your tub to stop slipping in the shower/tub at the hotel.
  • Bring a large mesh laundry bag as you will have a fair amount of damp laundry and it can get smelly or moldy. if you have a balcony keep the bag outside.

-if you don’t have walky-talkies consider getting a set. It will make your life much easier when you need to locate each other if one of you is in the room and the other at the pool etc.

  • Bring many more diapers then you think. You would need them as changes in food bring changes in bowel movements and frequency of them.
  • For fun bring small bucket and shovel for sand and collecting sea shells, inflatable water toy and some books and items for

in the room, a portable DVD player and child’s favorite DVDs for the flight and for in the room.

A small medical kit is very helpful should children become ill when traveling. The kit should contain medications for illnesses that children experience at home and for potential travel-related illnesses, and it should contain the telephone numbers of all the children’s health-care providers.

You will have a great time, but be warned vacationing with a toddler is definitely not a relaxing adult vacation.

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