Landmark Islamic Ruling Unequivocally Condemns Suicide Bombings

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London, United Kingdom (8 July, 05) - A day after London was struck by four terrorist bomb explosions killing 49 people and injuring over 700, an influential Islamic think-tank in London has published a landmark study unequivocally condemning suicide bombings by the pan-Islamist terrorist group, al-Qaeda, as murderous and suicidal acts, "destined for eternal damnation."

Ihsanic Intelligence, the think tank behind the highly controversial study (available to download at, have spent two years studying suicide bombings by Islamist terrorists and their conclusions are both timely, controversial and intended for a global readership.

Titled 'The Hijacked Caravan: Refuting Suicide Bombings as Martyrdom Operations in Contemporary Jihad Strategy', the pioneering study is the only ruling of its which systematically analyses al-Qaeda's literature for recruiting the potential suicide bomber, refuting the Islamic evidences used in their favour and provides greater evidences from fourteen centuries of the Islamic legal tradition to refute suicide bombings as a whole. Previous legal opinions given by Islamic scholars regarding suicide bombings by Islamist terrorists have tended to be blanket statements of approval or condemnation, as opposed to systematic refutation of the "Islamic" evidences used by proponents of the tactic.

The study concludes on the landmark ruling, to be presented at various governmental and academic institutions worldwide, which Islamic scholars worldwide are being urged to become signatories to for consensus: "The technique of suicide bombing is anathema, antithetical and abhorrent to Sunni Islam. It is considered legally forbidden, constituting a reprehensible innovation in the Islamic tradition, morally an enormity of sin combining suicide and murder and theologically an act which has consequences of eternal damnation."

Ihsanic Intelligence said in a statement today, 'After the Holy Places of Makkah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia, London is the city most Muslims from around the world visit. One in seven people in London is Muslim and a third of the British National Health Service is from the Muslim community in the UK. The bomb in Edgware Road was planted in the heart of the Arab quarter in London. Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide are becoming collateral damage for Islamist terrorists. Muslims need to condemn suicide bombings in all their forms, everywhere and against everyone - our scholars need to do that and governments in the Islamic world need to do that. That is what this study aims to do.'

Some of the major findings of the study into suicide bombings are:

*'The Hijacked Caravan' is the first and only Islamic legal ruling which unequivocally condemns suicide bombing in all circumstances by systematically refuting the "Islamic" evidences cited by proponents of the tactic.

*Suicide terrorism has no precedent in fourteen centuries of Sunni Islamic tradition

*Islamist terrorist groups like al-Qa'eda are conclusively proven to have adopted the use of suicide bombings from the Hindu-Marxist terrorist groups like the Tamil Tigers and kamikaze pilots from Japan;

*Islamist terrorists killing Muslims are considered to be in the tradition of the khawarij, an ancient Islamic heretical sect which also assassinated Prophet Muhammad's cousin, Imam Ali;

*Suicide bombings invoked under the rubric of Islamist terrorism, outside Israel and the Palestinian Territories, grew three-fold within the space of three years after 9/11, killing twice as many people as had been killed over two decades.

*Within the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, a case often given global exception by some scholars for using this tactic, suicide bombings doubled as did the number of people killed in the three years after 9/11 compared to the previous seven years of suicide terrorism. Worldwide, in merely three years after 9/11, the number of suicide bombings had increased three-fold than it had over two decades, whilst the number of people killed had doubled.

*Worldwide, for every person who undertook a suicide bombing prior to 9/11, 18 people were likely to be killed. After 9/11, this figure fell to killing of 14 people on average, which was only as a result of the disproportionate rise in the "export" of this practice to groups worldwide.

*Suicide bombing in the name of Islam has occurred in more than 20 countries: Lebanon [1981], Kuwait [1983], Argentina [1992], Panama, Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories [1994], Pakistan, Croatia [1995], Saudi Arabia [1996], Tanzania, Kenya [1998], Yemen, Chechnya [2000], USA, Kashmir, Afghanistan [2001], Tunisia, Indonesia, Algeria [2002], Morocco, Russia, India, Iraq, Turkey [2003], Uzbekistan and Spain [2004] - and possibly United Kingdom [2005].

To download 'The Hijacked Caravan', please visit Ihsanic Intelligence's website:

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