Romance Serial Ends After 135 Issues

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Serial author Michelle Miles reaches issue 135 of her popular romance serial, Scars of Yesterday, set in Las Vegas, Nevada.

SCARS OF YESTERDAY is Michelle Miles’ romance serial following the lives of three sisters and their dying father published through http://www.KeepItComing.Net. When high powered casino owner and hotelier Murphy Jackson learns he has cancer, it spurs him into action to contact his three estranged daughters who have no knowledge of each other. The story follows Faith, who is looking for Mr. Right and just wants to live happily ever after; Hope, who is trying to escape the horrors of her own loveless marriage to an alcoholic man; and Destiny, a young mother who mourns her youth and struggles to raise her son alone.

Issue 135 marks the final issue and just over one year’s worth of subscriptions. The author says she has a sense of accomplishment and sadness, too. “I’ve spent so much time with these characters, it’s going to be hard to let them go.” When asked what’s next for this story, Ms. Miles said she would consider developing it into three novels or novellas. “I think I’d really like to take it to the next level. I’d like to see each sister’s story stand alone in novel format.”

Ms. Miles plans to begin revisions at a later date as she continues to write her other popular, award-winning time-travel serial, THE ADVENTURES OF RANSOM & FORTUNE. “It was a challenge writing two at the same time,” she laughs. “I’m grateful for the experience. I wanted to challenge myself, to see if could write by deadline.”


“Of course. I’m sure you have some questions.”

“Yes, I do.” She mulled them over as they started down the sidewalk. “Like, why did he wait until now to contact me? And why does the salutation read Dear Daughters – plural? Do I have a sister? Or two? Hell, maybe I have three sisters. Who the hell knows? I haven’t seen the man in twenty years.” She knew she rambled, but her nerves couldn’t stop her. “I never saw him again after my mom divorced him and we moved to Texas. She never spoke of him except on occasion when she was cursing his name.”

“You’ll have to ask him those questions for yourself, Faith,” he said.

“That’s not very helpful.” She frowned, reading the letter again as they walked. “My future and fortune waits? And I’m supposed to go with you wherever you take me. Just where might that be?”

“Las Vegas,” Jarrett said. “We leave tomorrow.”

Faith stopped mid-stride, gaping at him. She couldn’t believe her ears. Leave tomorrow? What about her job? Her apartment? Her cat, for God’s sake? Was she supposed to just pick up and leave all of that behind on a whim? Because her long lost father asked her to? She shook her head.

“I can’t do that. I have responsibilities here,” she said. “My job is important to me.”

“He’s well aware of that. He’s willing to pay out the lease on your apartment and you can even bring your cat with you. As for your job, you’ll need to give your resignation.”

MICHELLE MILES is a native Texan and resides with her family in suburban Fort Worth. She has several projects underway, including a romance fantasy trilogy as well as a new historical romance set in medieval England. She is a PRO member of Romance Writers of America and is webmistress to her own website and writes a popular daily blog, Ye Olde Inkwell, at

SCARS OF YESTERDAY is available with a free first issue and is available for purchase from

THE ADVENTURES OF RANSOM & FORTUNE is available with a free first issue and is available for purchase from

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