Sheeler on Alito: If GOP Conservatives Win, Not Only Women Lose, We all Do.

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The influence of the GOP conservative Alito nomination has far reaching economic and civil rights implications that go far beyond the future of Pro-Choice. Women must decide the path our country is to take. The time is now.

In January our US Senate will decide President Bush's nomination of Samuel Alito to replace moderate Sandra Day O'Connor, the most powerful woman in American Jurisprudence. This is the same month 32 years ago, when Roe vs. Wade was affirmed. Alito, a conservative, 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judge past rulings do not suggest abortions should be safe, legal and rare. For this reason and others which minimize society’s matriarchal influence, I was the sole Rhode Island U.S Senate candidate initially opposed to Alito's nomination, as stated at my website (

First, understand the “why” of Alito’s nomination by Republican conservative politicians with their theocratic, patriarchal philosophies. It’s about rules, responsibility and self-interest; father knows best. Process first, people second. Its big business, the military and winning. Their religion is judgmental. On the other hand, Democrats tend to elevate matriarchal and community views. “Religion” orients towards a humanitarian approach of acceptance, compassion, and win-win. Our views are about listening and shared responsibility. It’s no less patriotic or “manly”.

Regardless political affiliation, views emphasizing progress over power can foster public ideals. For example, what household wouldn’t support equal pay for equal work or national healthcare? Mine does.

Given the dominance of Republican conservative views, in the Executive and Legislative branches of our government, Alito’s selection will codify more of the same; a history of less environmental protections and fewer consumer rights while big corporate abuses increase. These views bred government insensitivity during Katrina. It gives us rising gas prices at the pumps and at our homes while oil companies gouge us. And, our property taxes soar because no child left behind federal mandates remain unfunded.

It’s clear the Alito “issue” is about much more than women reproductive rights, but whether we want a conservative government/court to decide for us. It’s about justice and how matriarchal and democratic views influence our society. Think about the number and role of women who are single-and stay-at-home parents, teachers, nurses, social workers and daycare providers.

Matriarchal influences would prioritize national public safeguards. This means preserving and promoting our social security, quality education and national healthcare, above tax cuts only benefiting the most wealthy. Women would protect “mother earth”, support stem cell research and progressive parental leave laws above higher, big corporate profits.

In the 21st century, our daughters, mothers and sisters will continue to serve, be wounded and die for our country. They currently outpace men in graduation rates in our colleges and law schools. Let’s honor the ongoing revolutionary participation of women by lifting citizen equality to include representation out of bedrooms, into boardrooms and equality for all in our government. This begins by ensuring the highest court in the land reflects these ideologies. Actively oppose Alito who will not defend these beliefs.

Carl Sheeler is a Marine veteran, business owner and candidate for US Senate (D-RI).


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