Give Your Skin a Tune-Up With These 7 Easy-To-Follow New Years Tips From The Body Mechanics® of the Men’s Skin Care line, BodyTools and

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Seven skin tune-up tips for your skin from The Body Mechanics®.

The Body Mechanics® are Dr. Steven May, Ph.D. and Albert Wines, Jr , the creators of the unique men’s skin care line BodyTools and their educational website

“Our goal is to educate the male consumer about the basics of skin care”. Says Dr. May. Experts now believe that up to 70% of all health problems stem from lifestyle choices. Your skin, as a reflection of your inner health, is also responsive to these lifestyle choices. What you put in –and on-your body can impact your health and your looks in major ways. Fortunately, doing something about it is easier than most men think.    

At BodyTools we believe that the simplest way to keep your skin healthier and younger looking for the New Year is to follow these 7 Simple Skin Tune-Up Steps:

Skin Tune-Up Tip # 1: Possibly the best anti-aging strategy is regular physical activity.

Inactivity is linked to over fifteen chronic diseases including Diabetes and Obesity. It’s common knowledge that nothing beats handling stress better than a good physical workout. Staying physically active decreases your risk of Heart Disease and Cancer. It boosts your energy level and improves your mental health. Its the best thing you can do to give your skin that youthful glow.

Skin Tune-Up Tip #2: Choose meals low in fat and eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, "A healthy diet is important for improving raw materials for healthy skin." The skin is the body’s largest organ, so what’s good for the rest of you will be good for your skin too. Highly colored fruits and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants-substances that counteract cancer-causing free radicals that form in our bodies (including our skin) following exposure to sunlight, tobacco smoke, car exhaust and other pollutants. So eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. (One cup of vegetables or one piece of fruit equals one serving).

Skin Tune-UP Tip #3: Don’t Smoke.

Smoking not only subtracts years from your life, but adds years to your looks. A recent study of 1000 women showed that the risk of facial wrinkling was two to three times greater among smokers than non smokers.

Skin Tune-Up Tip #4: Step 1 In A Uncomplicated Skin Care Routine: Cleanse Your Skin twice A Day.

When you wash your skin you remove pollution and debris, as well as dead skin cells. You also wash away the dirt that can lead to clogged pores and infection. Keeping your face clean is also essential if you want to avoid blackheads, spots and an oily shine.

Skin Tune-Up Tip #5: Step 2 In A Uncomplicated Skin Care Routine: Moisturize your Skin Twice A Day.

A moisturizer is essential to keep skin supple and smooth. If you have dry skin a good quality moisturizer will lock in moisture reducing itching and flaking. Moisturizers work best when used just after you shower or bathe so you can trap in the water that has just been absorbed. So after showering either at home or at the gym use a moisturizer all over your skin. Pat your body leaving it a little damp and then apply the moisturizer. After shaving and rinsing your face, again pat the skin and apply a moisturizer. In the evening after cleansing, use a moisturizer over your entire face and body.

Skin Tune-Up Tip #6: Step 3 In A Uncomplicated Skin Care Routine: Protection From he Elements.

Experts believe that "90-95% of all skin damage including wrinkles and skin cancers comes from exposure to the sun." UV radiation accelerates the normal aging process of the skin (causing wrinkles) and also damages the genetic structure of skin cells, which contributes to the development of skin cancer. This is more than just a cosmetic issue. One in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime and this year alone more than 1 million new cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed. Every 60 minutes one person dies of melanoma in the United States. So be skin smart and limit your exposure to the sun and use a sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays.

Skin Tune-Up Tip #7: Get Plenty of Rest

Late nights, too many parties, and not enough sleep all take a toll on your skin. There is truth to the saying “He looks well rested”. Wrinkles are less pronounced and bags under your eyes are reduced or eliminated. Rise and shine from a good night’s sleep.

BodyTools and are the creation of The Body Mechanics® Al Wines, Jr.. and Dr. Steven May, PhD. Mr. Wines has nearly 30 years experience in buying and merchandising body care products, cosmetics, and fragrances at Hudson’s in Michigan, Broadway in California, and Macy’s San Francisco. Dr. May has a 28-year career in the health and wellness field. The Body Mechanics® are dedicated to bringing you the most advanced skin care products containing clinically proven ingredients to help reduce the effects of aging on the skin. Each of their simple, all-natural products is carefully formulated to work with minimal effort and maximum effect.

BodyTools is available in select NORDSTROM locations throughout California, the State of Washington, Colorado, Arizona and Illinois. The BodyTools line is also available at fine Spas and Resorts including La Costa, Four Seasons-Maui, La Quinta, Miraval and Advanced Aesthetics Institute-West Palm Beach, Service Station-West L.A., Los Angeles Sporting Club, Apothia by Ron Robinson at Fred Segal’s in Los Angeles, and on-line at Announcing the availability of BodyTools Products at The Ritz-Carlton Spas World-Wide in January 2006.

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