Lights, Camera, Podcast; New Show Launched

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The Mac Pro Podcast is an exciting new syndicated program. Each week, the vidcast covers Macintosh-related news, tips, tutorials and troubleshooting as it relates to a multimedia production environment. There is something for everyone from pros to home users.

Every Sunday afternoon, Joseph Nilo and Chuck Heilig get together to host a new technology-based video program called the Mac Pro Podcast. They cover news, answer emails, troubleshoot viewers’ computer issues, and have tutorials -- all revolving around audio and video production on Apple Macintosh computers. They have collected a large viewing audience on six continents with their fast-paced style and no-nonsense delivery of information. Thousands of multimedia professionals and home users alike tune in each week. What is most unique about the Mac Pro Podcast is how it is delivered . . . in the form of a video podcast.

“We are very excited to be a part of this new wave of media,” says Joseph Nilo, host and creator of the Mac Pro Podcast, “We get to create the kind of content that we’d like to watch, and share it with the world.” Joseph is a television-show producer and video editor by day in Asheville, North Carolina.

“Podcasting” is quite the buzzword lately. Merely a year old, this revolution in content delivery is changing the way many people experience their media. It is an extension of the very popular weblog or “blog”. It’s almost a cross between a radio or television pro- gram and a magazine subscription. The user subscribes on the internet and is delivered the content (usually in a program like Apples’ iTunes for Macintosh and Windows) as often as it is created. In spite of their name, podcasts do not require an iPod from Apple to enjoy.

“One of the best parts of the experience is getting emails and feedback from around the world -- Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Japan,” adds Chuck Heilig, also a video edi- tor and coworker of Joseph. “Everyone is so interested in what we’re doing and so sup- portive.”

The Mac Pro Podcast began, as many podcasts do, as a weekly audio program. “I would record a program each week about tips and tricks, multimedia, and Apple News,” recalls Joseph. “My basement was the ‘studio’ -- just a microphone attached to my laptop. It really took off!

And with the inclusion of video podcasts in the latest version of Apple’s iTunes, my subscribers and I all agreed that my information would be better suited to a video format”

Video was the next logical step, so Joseph asked Chuck Heilig to be involved. “I did some shooting at first in addition to on-camera,” recalls Chuck, “and then the popularity warranted the addition of a small crew for lights and cameras, so I could concentrate on co-hosting.” This small crew includes independent fillmmaker and Mac Pro Podcast di- rector Daniel Judson.

A typical Mac Pro Podcast lasts between 10 to 15 minutes and has a variety of seg- ments, such as: “Product Review”, “Email”, “Tutorial”, “News”, etc. A subscriber with a high-speed connection can download the small-format video very quickly.

What does the future hold for Joseph and Chuck and the Mac Pro Podcast? “We are now being approached by advertisers,” says Joseph, “I think they are really being in- fected by the buzz and the power of this new medium. We have the perfect advertising vehicle for them -- a niche audience hungry to hear about new products and services. You can’t always get that sort of value out of mainstream television and radio.”


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