New Year’s Resolutions Still Don’t Work

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People make New Year’s Resolutions and inevitably a lot of them don’t work which continues the frustrating cycle of yearly failure for so many people. Why does this happen? Paul Frazer, success strategist, professional speaker and author, has a short simple answer. People are choosing the wrong resolutions and defining them in the wrong ways.

At this time of year, almost everyone everywhere has either considered New Year’s Resolutions or has at least thought about what they should be doing differently in the New Year. People have good intentions to implement change in their life and inevitably, these resolutions and wishes don’t happen. Why not?

Paul Frazer, a success strategist, professional speaker and author, has a short answer for this. People make the wrong resolutions. The resolutions can be wrong for many reasons but in general people choose their resolutions for the wrong reasons and they define them in wrong ways. In the odd case, people will even make resolutions based on what other people want or what they believe society wants.

For example, let’s take the perennial favorite, weight loss. Why is the person choosing weight loss as their resolution? There are many reasons for choosing this resolution and only one or two may motivate you enough to actually carry out the change. If your reason for choosing your goal does not truly motivate you enough, you will have to choose another goal.

A second problem in resolution success is that people define their measurement of success in a way that doesn’t make sense to them. For weight loss, the goal could be measured in pounds, inches, appearance, or even how the person feels with their weight loss. The person needs to be very clear on their goal. If they can envision it vividly, that will help to ensure their success.

In general, people need to be clear on why they are choosing their resolutions, what is motivating them to choose this goal, how they can measure their success, and how they can concretely see and get passionate about the success of their new resolution.

About Paul Frazer & Mindscape:

Paul Frazer has written a book that addresses this issue and gives a simple step-by-step approach to life renewal. Stop, Drop & Re-Balance: A Self Renewal Manual shows why New Year’s Eve Resolutions don’t work and how to make goals and plans that do. His program helps you discover what makes you “tick” and how to have a better understanding of who you are.

Paul Frazer is the founder of Mindscape, a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations ignite their success by developing a mindset and strategies for peak performance.

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