Sticky Pod Users Now Get Free Video Gallery

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People who purchase Sticky Pod camera mounts this year can look forward to broadcasting their talents in Sticky Pod's free video gallery.

The Sticky Pod camera mount really sucks -- in a good way. And this year, Sticky Pod celebrates its innovative camera mount by launching a free video gallery, which gives Sticky Pod users a chance to show off their photography skills. Anyone who purchases the Sticky Pod receives access to the video gallery, which provides each user with 1 GB of storage space and up to 100 MBs per file.

“As an ongoing commitment to our customers, we provide this free video gallery for the everyday person that wants to share their adventures, vacations, business promotions or any message," Sticky Pod Inventor Tom Heibel said. "We are the only site that dedicates up to 1GB of storage space per user. Other sites have video uploads available, but their size limitations make them almost useless. A good quality video will take up around three megabytes per minute. That’s a total of 45 megabytes for every 15 minutes. Since camcorders have evolved into user friendly tools of communication, more and more people want to share their experiences and Sticky Pod provides the free channel that everyone can watch.”

The Sticky Pod camera mount sticks cameras to cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles or tanks to capture videos or pictures while moving at fast speeds. The Sticky Pod will stick to the inside or outside of a car door, window or hood and hold any consumer camera firmly in place. The best part is the versatility from one vehicle to the next -- it sticks to any vehicle with a smooth surface.

“The Sticky Pod makes previously impossible shots downright easy to get," Heibel said. "Whether you want to use it for racing, the family vacation, business promotion or around the house, nothing will stand in your way. This unstoppable capability empowers the everyday camera user with abilities and creativity never before seen from any camera mount. Use it for surveillance, create a video map that shows people how to drive to your business, hang it on a fence during a party or have it hold your camera in place so you can be a part of the picture. Senior citizens with shaky hands can get rock steady pictures and videos like a pro. The list of uses is endless.”

The Sticky Pod has been on the market for almost three years and has struck a nerve with anyone who wants good pictures or videos. Unlike the limitations of a tripod or monopod, neither of which can be used very well when driving, the Sticky Pod acts like a third set of hands. With a camera firmly attached to the vehicle, it takes stable videos and crystal clear pictures.

About Sticky Pod (

Inventor Tom Heibel created the Sticky Pod while trying to promote his first invention. He had to create stable videos while driving at a high rate of speed. Nothing on the market back in 2003 would hold a camera while he was driving faster than 100 mph. After eight long months of searching, Heibel decided to make his own. Clearly there was a way, but how? The secrets in the suction cups -- he knew that making them strong and durable would lead to a winning combination.

The Sticky Pod platform is simple and strong, just what a person needs to trust his or her camera on the outside of a car. With many accolades from international magazines and Web sites throughout the years, it is clear the Sticky Pod is here to stay. For more information, please visit and see the free video gallery at


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