Do Women Make Better Investors Than Men

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Every day, more and more women are taking it upon themselves to take control of their financial future through investing, and many are finding it a lot easier to be successful than their male counterparts.

“Being involved with a company that trains people how to actively invest, I have noticed that about 80% of our clients are male. But I would wager that the vast majority of those who are successful investors are women”. – Mika Hamilton, Global Investment Institute.

So what is it exactly that may make women superior in the investment world?

Mr. Hamilton said: “Three words; EGO, EGO, EGO. Men tend to let their egos control their decisions, they hold when they should sell, or buy in at exactly the wrong time in fear of missing out on the next big run”.

Usually when people think about investing, they think of high flying millionaires, flashy sports cars and massive amounts of risk. “But the truth is that investing has much more to do with emotional intelligence than most realize”. Said Mr. Hamilton

Emotional intelligence is the ability to think objectively about a situation without getting emotionally involved in it. “Women, in general, posses a higher level of emotional control over money than men”. He said.

It seems apparent that rather than just investing in the latest hot trend, or to make themselves look or feel good, women have the ability to invest according to the plan they have developed with their advisors.

Investing is not about being right or wrong, its just about making money. Women are able to put their egos aside in ways men have trouble doing, which can make them better investors.

Need proof? Ask yourself this: If a man and a woman are lost on a trip, who is more likely to stop and ask for directions?

Women are more likely to ask investment questions until they completely understand the concepts. Men, on the other hand, can be too proud to ask the necessary questions in case they look bad doing so.

“As more and more women turn to personal investing, I think we will see this trend of women outperforming men continue. A woman’s ability to put her ego aside gives her the upper hand in applying her chosen investment strategy”. Mr. Hamilton said.

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