Americas New Breed of Chiropractors Using Technology based on NASA Investigation: Engineers first to report the result of anti-gravity and its relation to Spinal Decompression.

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How are today’s generation of Chiropractors having such amazing results with disc compression? NASA reports relation of anti-gravity and spinal decompression on vertebral disc. Virtually eliminates need for invasive disc surgeries.

How are today’s generation of Chiropractors having such amazing results with disc compression?

There is a street in New York City, like many streets in and around the Greenwich Village area that thousands of people walk down everyday. They pass the same buildings, offices and markets. Bustling to and from work, to the market, or to have lunch, day after day after day. Never hearing above the city noise, the lion’s roar that is coming from the same chiropractic office they pass everyday. But for people all over New York suffering from a fairly common, yet completely painful, and possibly debilitating spinal malady called Disc Compression, they can hear the lion’s roar load and clear.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer everyday with Disc Compression or Herniated Discs. The loss of lifestyle created by this spinal infliction can be anything from day-to-day pain, to a complete inability to work and prosper. Yet for the most part, modern medicine has had to turn to surgery to try to contend with it.

However, the chiropractic office of Downing Chiropractic and Wellness Center and Dr. Steven Shoshany, on that street in New York, is having results just short of miraculous.

“I was scheduled for back surgery due to my disc problem and severe sciatic pain, my daughter suggested I try something like chiropractic before I got permanent surgery,” said Sahadai Persaud, one of Dr. Shoshany’s patients. “I cancelled the surgery which was

scheduled for two weeks after my first visit with Dr. Shoshany, and three months into [Dr. Shoshany’s] care, the quality of my life has been greatly enhanced.”

“No more pain, no more sciatica or muscle weakness, and I can sleep at night,” he added. After six years of suffering and only a few months into his care, Mr. Persaud is now looking forward to getting back to work.

Shoshany is having tremendous results with his non- surgical methods and people are coming from all over the New York area for his treatment. He represents what is good in American health professionals, and was recently accepted for membership by the Internet’s most exclusive chiropractor directory, He does all that he can for the sake of helping his patients. “My insurance did not cover any care, so he made me a payment plan that was affordable and that I was able to work with. God bless Dr Shoshany,” concluded Mr. Persaud.

Downing Chiropractic and Wellness Center has adjusted to the constant flow of new patients and has recently gone through some expansion to make room. “Back pain is the number one reason people miss work, and costs the economy billions of dollars in lost

wages,” said Shoshany. “I enjoy getting patients back to work, returning them to their lives and helping them become more productive without drugs or sometimes unnecessary surgery. There is a time and place for spinal surgery and disc repair but most of the time a conservative approach can drastically reduce pain and improve the quality of the patients’ life.” Dr. Shoshany continued, “Spinal decompression has been proven to be a successful treatment for herniated disc and sciatica problems.”

Any questions about any chiropractic issue or an impending surgery, please call 212-645-8151.

Dr. Steven Shoshany has been practicing in the New York area for ten years. His web address is


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