New E-book Published on 'Secrets of Exciting Chords & Chord Progressions'

Share Article today announced the publication of a new e-book titled "Secrets of Exciting Chords & Chord Progressions" with links to 40 web pages which demonstrate each chord & progression in full-color photos and narrated sound. The book covers all major, minor, diminished and augmented chords, plus many extensions such as 7ths and 9ths, plus chord progressions and how they work.

Despite the popularity of music in general and piano playing in particular, most adults who took piano lessons when they were kids did not continue with their playing and as a result play either very little or not at all.

The reasons for this are usually expressed as "I hated to practice", or "my piano teacher was so strict", or "I had to play all those scales and never got to learn the songs I really wanted to play." The bottom line, though, was simply that the student for one reason or another never learned the structure of music -- chords and chord progressions -- and so never really understood the music they were trying to read.

Duane Shinn, the author of the new e-book, experienced the same thing until he discovered chords when he was 14. He had taken piano lessons as a child, but didn't really find music exciting until he had a chance to play with the high school dance band. To join the band, he had to learn chords -- and learn them in a hurry. He sent off for a $2. chord chart that he saw advertised in Popular Mechanics, and from that little chart he learned the three most important chords in any key, in any song.

That little $2. chord chart led to a long career in music, a degree from Southern Oregon University, a teaching studio named Piano University and eventually the founding of -- a web site dedicated to teaching adults how to understand and play music using chords and chord progressions.

Duane says about this new e-book, "Everyone knows about the "front door" to piano playing -- learning to read music and practice scales and so on, but there really is a "backdoor" to piano playing, too. It's not necessarily better than the front door, but for adults who want to start playing the songs they love, it's much faster and more fun, since you understand what you are doing right from square one."

Complete information about "Secrets of Exciting Chords & Chord Progressions" can be found at .

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