Caught In the Web of Family Strife -- Revolutionary Alternative to Counselling That is Changing Lives, Healing Relationships with Family Constellations

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Allow more success in your next relationship.Clear family baggage for yourself and your family, so that the “buck” is not passed onto your children.

Yildiz and Satish Sethi of Family Constellations P/L Australia are healing relationships through Family Constellations. What is different about family constellations? One session of Family Constellations is more powerful than a life time of therapy. The client is the only one that needs to attend, (the client doesn’t need to have the people of their issue present.) Choose from a workshop or private session.

The process; Workshop. You present your issue to the group. Few questions are asked. You pick the people of your issue from the group and place them in the centre of the room. The representatives take on the energy and dynamics of the real people concerned without having any knowledge of them. The facilitator works to uncover the dynamics, release emotions and find a resolution. Once a resolution found, (through the representatives), this causes a real shift in the client emotionally and also at a deep soul (or for those who are more scientific, an energy level). This resolution often filters through to those people of your issue that are not present., This method was developed by Bert Hellinger in the 1970’s and is now being practiced in over 25 countries and more recently Australia. It is a revolutionary method, huge in Europe, America and Asia, now here in Australia. Hellinger has been teaching this method to counsellors and mental health professionals for over 20 years. Monthly workshops and private sessions, Sydney and NSW Australia. Amazing results. Relief from situations causing anxiety eg difficult relationships, physical symptoms, emotional problems - depression, anxiety, panic. (See testimonials on web.)

Why choose Family Constellations? Many of us grow up in difficult family situations. Often our impulse is to get away as quickly, or as far away as possible, escape. Later we often find we are looking at our parents when we look in the mirror, we become like them, or we recreate similar patterns. E.g. Our own children run away from us as soon as they can, we suffer similar emotional disturbances or difficult or similar love relationships. We didn’t solve the problem, just buried it. It now comes out unconsciously in our choices and behaviors, or in our choice of partners, or the way we sabotage our business or career. What to do about it? Many turn to, workaholism, counselling, coaching, valium or spirituality, thinking these can heal our wounds. All of these can help, but often do not solved it fully. Family Constellations finds solutions that you can live with and a healthier connection to your roots. Good for issues in families, parenting, adoption, divorce, love relationships, mental or physical illnesses, business or work.

What is it that ties us so strongly to our family tree? Often our situation is not completely ours alone. Family dynamics are often passed down from previous generations. A constellation will often show your issue in a very different light from the way you perceive it. It works to show us the bigger picture and resolve deeply.

Yildiz Sethi of Family Constellatons P/L Sydney Australia is a counselor and an Educator of methods of counselling, received her training in India and Spain, due to a series of fortuitous “accidents of fate” and is now spreading this therapy in Sydney.

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