College Access Denied 2006

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Just when global competition for jobs has heated up the United States Department of Education has found a way to eliminate college access for thousands of students.

According to Dr. Stephen Jones, just when global competition for jobs has heated up the United States Department of Education has found a way to eliminate college access for thousands of students. The federal government Department of Education has received approval to alter the formula they use to determine financial eligibility.

This policy change is creating a new higher education crisis. Who stands to loss the middle class and poor parents who are already strapped for money. Some families do not have a $1000 to pay for college books. Yet colleges continue to raise tuition by 6 percent. After World War II federal financial aid was originally instituted to help more Americans to enjoy the opportunity to improve their long term chances of raising their economic status. It’s startling to witness how easy it is for the Department of Education to change a policy that’s benefited many students. This policy change seems to reflect an attitude that college should only be for the wealthy.

The administration should not approach this crisis like it is sending college bound students to Iraq. There are no hidden facts regarding what the education department has decided to do. It is easy to find 100 billion dollars to fund a war why not invest in the success of our own citizens. Dr. Jones has met corporate representatives who will invest millions in scholarship dollars to ensure that students are able to afford school. The United States Department of Education must find ways to open up the access for students who are yearning to learn engineering, psychology and biology.

Dr. Jones recommends that the Department of Education rescind this policy and that it finds new ways to financially support students. It appears that the Education Department is an easy target that our country’s leadership will use to reduce the budget deficit. If the United States continues the current course it will graduate college students who have loans in access of $100,000. You ask how this type of dept can occur. On average most students will take five years to complete their college requirements for graduation. The $4050 that even fewer students will receive is not enough to cover the cost for some community colleges. Forcing students to take out greater loans is not the solution. The government must partner with industry to build an even larger pool of grants and scholarships for students.

It takes some students 20 years to pay off their student loans. After working in higher education for twenty years Dr. Jones says there are some things parents and students can do. Parents and students should not wait until senior year to look for grants and scholarships. Why not start searching for money while your son/daughter is in middle school. Here are a few things you can do to obtain scholarships. Send a letter to your family members, contact a local rotary club, college fraternity or sorority requesting information about their scholarship. Visit your local legislator’s office to inquire about new scholarships offered by your state or federal government offices. Go onto the internet and conduct a search for scholarships. Some of the topics you should search on the internet include free money, scholarships, college financial aid, money for college, free scholarship, government grants of scholarships. Don’t give up looking because there are over 90 billion dollars in scholarships available.

Dr. Stephen Jones is a nationally recognized author of a book titled “Seven Secrets of How to Study. His book contains over a hundred scholarship websites. If you have additional questions or want to express your opinion send an e-mail or call 866-544-5490.


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