Psoriasis and Eczema Patients Find Natural Relief with Dead Sea Mineral Skin Care

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People who suffer from chronic Psoriasis and Eczema are finding natural relief with skin care products made with Dead Sea minerals. Dead Sea salt, body mud and creams have been shown to be effective at relieving Psoriasis when used in a six week regiment.

Skin ailments such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne and are a big concern for many people. Having healthy and attractive skin is becoming very important as more people are realizing that skin care is an important part of staying younger and looking attractive. At the same time those who are suffering from Psoriasis, Eczema or other ailments are discovering that often the only remedies their dermatologists recommend are steroid creams and other treatments which can have some negative side effects on the body.

Many people have started turning to Dead Sea products as a natural way to help relieve these skin ailments and to keep their skin looking and feeling healthy and smooth. Recently, ABC’s Good Morning America did a special on The Dead Sea and beauty and skin products made with Dead Sea minerals.

So what exactly is The Dead Sea why are skin care products made with the ingredients from the sea so effective? The Dead Sea is located in Israel and Jordan and is officially the saltiest body of water in the world. The sea contains over 32% salt content – compared to only 3% present in regular ocean water. Not only does The Dead Sea have a higher overall concentration of Dead Sea salt, but certain mineral elements such as Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Bromine are present in much higher quantities than in regular sea water. These Dead Sea minerals have been proven to be “essential” minerals which are vital to healthy skin function and appearance.

Many various skin care and cosmetics products are manufactured today on the shores of The Dead Sea – all using minerals and healthy ingredients extracted from Dead Sea mud and water. These product range from natural soap to moisturizers, to salt scrubs and more. Unique products such as the anti-cellulite seaweed soap and shea body butter have also gained popularity in the United States.

So what’s the good news for Psoriasis sufferers? A recent study demonstrates that using Dead Sea cosmetics, salt and mud helps ease Psoriasis symptoms. Fifty Psoriasis patients were gathered for a study in 1989 by Israli Dermatologist Dr. Zvi Even Paz. Dr. Paz studied the effect of using Dead Sea bath salts on these patients. Although it was long known that bathing in The Dead Sea would bring about temporary relief from this incurable condition, it was not known whether bathing in Dead Sea bath salts anywhere would produce the same results. For forty seven of the fifty Psoriasis patients tested significant relief and skin improvements were achieved. Maximum improvement was found when patients used two pounds per bath, three times a week over a period of six weeks.

Dead Sea skin care products have also been found effective at reducing wrinkles and signs of skin aging. According to Israeli chemist Dr. Uzi Reiss, “Our skin cells need Sodium and Potassium for their membrane transport systems. Dead Sea compounds may be the best way of insuring that our skin cells maintain proper moisture and mineral levels. This is the best natural line of defense against the dermal breakdown that causes aging and wrinkles.”

For those without a PhD in chemistry, Dead Sea products are simply a natural way to keep the face and skin looking young and smooth. As natural skin care treatments gain more and more popularity among people who don’t like to put pharmaceutical chemicals on their skin – Dead Sea skin care is emerging as the leader of natural skin care products.

“You are seeing natural skin care becoming the mainstream popular consumer product – just like botox and surgical treatments were all the rage of the nineties” says John Mayer – the head of product development at Cleopatra’s Choice Dead Sea Products – “Many people are realizing that there are natural alternatives to achieving the look they want and Dead Sea mineral skin care is becoming a large part of that”

Indeed [bath salts], mud masks and salt scrubs have been around for years, but it’s that special ingredient of essential Dead Sea minerals that is the reason why skin care enthusiasts are falling in love with Dead Sea cosmetics.

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