Introducing SheKnows Diet & Fitness Magazine, Available January 17

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Introducing SheKnows Diet & Fitness magazine — a magazine designed to help women explore the many avenues to look and feel their best — from healthy eating habits and diets, to fitness, beauty, fashion and humor.

Coincide Publishing is proud to introduce SheKnows Diet & Fitness magazine, available January 17. The magazine is designed to help women explore the many avenues to look and feel their best — from healthy eating habits and diets, to fitness, beauty, fashion and humor.

The premier issue shares feature stories on Curves Gyms, The South Beach Diet and an exclusive interview with creator Arthur Agatston, Rock-Hard Abs, Pilates, Yoga, Energy Drinks, Home Gym Products, Hip Fashion for the Gym and 23 Easy Diet Friendly Recipes plus much more.

“We have four concepts that we created the magazine around,” says Managing Editor Jen Wolfe. “The first concept centers around the word diet. For most women, the word diet implies eating sparingly or depriving themselves of food to lose weight. To us diet means so much more than that. Overeating is just one of the many eating disorders and diet issues in our society. We plan to explore other extreme eating habits such as orthorexia, bulimia and more.

“Proper nutrition is another issue that should have all health-conscious American concerned,” Wolfe adds. “Many Americans are malnourished, despite the vast amounts of food available and the growing incidence of obesity in our society. That’s because many people don’t eat the right kinds of foods — specifically, plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and a balance of healthy proteins. Diet & Fitness magazine will explore healthy diets and healthy foods and shed some light on the confusing issue of what is healthy and what isn’t.”

The second concept behind SheKnows Diet & Fitness is exercise. “We strongly advocate a healthy exercise routine to accompany a healthy diet. And make no mistake, bodies needs both exercise and a healthy diet to look and feel great. Quite frankly, we think it is impossible to lose weight (and keep it off) without working at it, and that’s where the exercise comes in. That doesn’t mean exercise has to be a terrible labor or that is has to be boring. We will explore all kinds of exercise routines to help our readers look good and have fun doing it,” Wolfe says.

The third concept for the magazine is that it takes more than eating right and exercising to make a woman feel good inside and out. “We will share beauty tips and fashion picks to name just a couple of the many topics we plan to explore,” says Wolfe.

And the final concept of the magazine is humor. “We feel that in order to look and feel great, a sense of humor is essential. Research shows that laughter changes our brain chemistry (fighting off depression) and may even boost our immune system. It’s our goal to make our reader’s laugh out loud at least a couple of times while reading the magazine.” Wolfe adds.

The first issue of SheKnows Diet & Fitness will be available January 17 on newsstands nationwide. It is also available for subscription (1 year, 6 issues $17.99 or 2 years, 12 issues $27.99) by calling 1-888-881-5861. You can also visit for more information. The magazine is presented by the publisher of the popular Web site

What is SheKnows?

Put simply, SheKnows is an information resource for women!

Of the 293 million people in the U.S., over half are women. We know women are making more and more of the decisions for their households and families — not just about buying food, clothing, insurance and automobiles, but also daily living issues like having children, parenting, health and wellness and so much more.

We also know that women value relationships — with family and friends as well as with the companies they do business with — above all other things, and that these tend to be primary sources of information for them.

So whether women need information on child-raising, pregnancy, cooking smart, finances or fitness, SheKnows wants to be there to help — to develop a relationship with them as a one-stop place to find the information they need!

Sheknows provides the following resources on the Internet.


Our network also extends to three colorful and dynamic magazines — SheKnows Cooking Smart, SheKnows LowCarb Energy and SheKnows Diet & Fitness. These are available in bookstores, newsstands, grocers and drugstores across America. Our magazines provide healthy recipes, information on food trends, fitness and beauty — much of what women need to eat smart and stay healthy!

Feel free to provide us with suggestions for our Web sites or magazines. We can be reached at 480.237.7100 or write to us at: Coincide Publishing, Feedback, 7944 E. Beck Lane, Suite 230, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

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