Coins from Saddam’s Treasury Aid Fallen US Heroes - Lee Greenwood Named International Spokesperson for Products For Good, LLC.

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Products for Good is excited to announce it has already donated more than $65,000 to families of fallen and wounded soldiers from the sale of patriotic shadowboxes.

Assembling these shadowboxes for Products for Good could potentially be the largest contract in our history and will provide over 100 jobs.

Products for Good, a Charlotte based company, dedicated to supporting families of fallen United States soldiers in the War on Terror is excited to announce it has already donated more than $65,000 to families of fallen and wounded soldiers from the sale of patriotic shadowboxes. These shadowboxes contain coins secured from Saddam Hussein’s treasury by coalition soldiers. Founders Michael Crowder of Shelby, N.C. and Lane Ostrow of Charlotte, N.C., agree it’s through the generosity of people around the world – including Coalition Forces serving on the front lines – that Products for Good is able to provide much needed help.

Crowder says, “People from all 50 states have bought shadowboxes containing these rare, decommissioned Iraqi coins.” Ostrow commented, “As United States citizens, it is our responsibility to give back to the families who have sacrificed so much. It is just the beginning of our mission to give $20,000,000 to these deserving families.”

The company has received many customer comments like this email from a soldier serving in Iraq: "As a soldier serving in Iraq, I was thrilled when I found out what Products for Good is doing for the families of fallen US heroes. It is not everyday you hear about a company that has a chance to make a lot of money and decides to donate a large amount of their proceeds to a good cause. What a great opportunity for people to own a documented piece of history and also help others at the same time. Knowing we have the support from people and companies back home in the States makes our load a little lighter. I commend Products for Good for truly representing the American Spirit.

Hoooah! Camp Bucca, Iraq."

The shadowboxes are being assembled by the Cleveland Vocational Industries (CVI) of Shelby, North Carolina. CVI provides jobs to mentally or physically challenged people who have barriers to employment. Ken Bagby, Executive Director for CVI said “Assembling these shadowboxes for Products for Good could potentially be the largest contract in our history and will provide over 100 jobs.” In the first two weeks of December over 3,000 shadowboxes were assembled and shipped to customers. Crowder says, “Having CVI involved continues to make the coins an instrument of good by providing an economic boost to Cleveland County.”

Meanwhile, Grammy Award winner Lee Greenwood continues his tireless work on behalf of the families. Mr. Greenwood was signed as the Products for Good spokesperson in August, 2005. Mr. Greenwood is known by millions of fans worldwide for his gold and multi platinum albums, as well as his anthem “God Bless The USA,” which serves as the standard of modern patriotic music. On behalf of Products for Good, Mr. Greenwood has appeared recently on Hannity & Colmes, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Fox & Friends, Rita Cosby Live & Direct, Dayside and others.

Greenwood says, “Once I understood the soldiers money is paid out first (25% of every dollar generated), even before any other company expenses are paid, I knew I wanted to be part of the Products for Good effort to support the families of our fallen heroes.”

To get more information on the company, the history of the coins, or to view the donation checks, and more, please visit

History of the Iraqi Coins

In the spring of 2003, the US and British Coalition Soldiers in Iraq were called upon to secure the banks and museums in Basra, Iraq from looters. The British troops were ordered to secure and remove the contents of these facilities. The banks contained tons of Iraqi currency and coins. Those items were taken back to the Basra Palace (Headquarters of the British forces) where they were documented, itemized and inventoried. The paper currencies were then put back into circulation: however, in those banks there were also over 70,000 pounds of brilliant uncirculated Iraqi coins that were decommissioned by Saddam Hussein at the end of the first Gulf War. The coins had no value in Iraq and were taking up a tremendous amount of space. A British Reservist, Cpl Robert Brannagan, had an idea and convinced his Captain, Chris McGinley, to seek approval to consign the coins to a metals company in London who would sell them and donate all of the proceeds to a Basra Orphanage and to the British Commonwealth War Graves Memorial in Basra. Upon approval, a memo of consignment was drafted by the Commanding Officer on August 9, 2003.

Once sold, a check was presented by the British troops to an Iraqi Sheik at the orphanage. The coins were then transported through Kuwait to London and then to the United States. These coins did a lot of good for the children of that orphanage in Basra, and now they are doing a lot of good for our troops.

About Operation Family Fund (OFF)

OFF provides for the Families of those who have been killed or severely disabled as part of the War on Terror. The fund’s CEO, Mike Cash, has been with the Department of Defense for 25 years, and started the fund to assist families dealing with a loss from the War on Terror.

Operation Family Fund is a IRS 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation.

About Cleveland Vocational Industries

The mission of Cleveland Vocational is to provide employment and training opportunities for adults who have barriers to employment. A barrier is defined as anything that limits a person's ability to obtain and maintain employment.

Cleveland Vocational Industries, Inc. is a private 501 (C) 3 tax-exempt corporation.

About Products for Good

Products for Good, LLC is offering three unique coin sets. The Iraqi coins are surrounded by signs of freedom we enjoy everyday, the freedom that has been provided by our brave men and women of the United States military. The keepsakes are a tribute to all who have served this great nation. These coin sets allow individuals to pay tribute to our heroes as well as own a piece of history.

The coins are available for purchase by visiting or by calling 1-877-444-4051.


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