Teaching English as a Second Language is a First Priority at the TEFL Taster Cafe

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Teaching English liberates people from all walks of life to travel the world and live off their most natural skill... speaking their native tongue.

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The TEFL Weekend Organization is cooking a fresh free new recipe with Chef TEFL Taster in the sterile world of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), or Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL) programs.

So what is the difference between EFL and ESOL? They are pretty much the same, but what isn't the same is the "taste" of each program.

You see, most programs will preach they are good for this and accredited for that, they have jobs galore, etc. The fact is, the majority of TEFL and TESOL programs put too much sugar on top and ruin a simple recipe... Teaching is for bringing our communities together, learning, and fun. Most TEFL and TESOL courses are bland corporate business models milled by companies marketing pure-for-profit enterprises... Taste mono-sachrinenoughtome, Yuck.

It was exactly this sour taste, that gave TEFL Taster his idea to open his own American-style cafe. The cafe is called, The Taster Cafe, found at http://www.TasterCafe.com. The cafe itself actually has two layers... it has and on-line version AND an on-site cafe, which rotates internationally throughout the Americas. The cafe is currently being held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the South American home of Cafe Tortoni, generally considered the most traditionally elegant cafe this side of earth.

The Taster Cafe is ran by TEFL Taster and a group calling themselves TEFLocals, or those who teach English locally while living globally, hence their trademark, Think Local. Network Global. TEFLocal's latest adventure is a tour of North and South American college campuses which are serving sample TEFL platters to places such as Chicago, New York, D.C., Miami, Phoenix, Austin, and the California Coast on a weekend basis. (see websites below)

TEFLocal and their offspring, the TEFL Weekend Organization, ( http://TEFLweekend.com ) put a focus on organic education and giving back to the local community. Their wish is to be inspiring local job growth, international goodwill, and economic responsibility in a ten-percent proceed donation policy giving back to the local community that they are visiting and earning income from.

"Currently only pure-for-profit TEFL and TESOL programs are out there, and all born abroad. I thought it was time the good ole' U. S. of A. open the first privately owned quality TEFL/TESOL program on earth. We are for open communication, and against the intergalactic marketing machine promoting phony "diploma's and degrees" acquired through faux accreditation, and/or a two day course at a mediocre hotel chain. We teach. You learn. TEFLocal is as simple as that," TEFL Taster said.

"Simple" couldn't taste any more refined.

For more information

about TEFL Taster, TEFLocal, or the TEFL Weekend Organization:

Please visit their respective websites found @ http://TasterCafe.com - http://TEFLweekend.com - or even http://TEFLocal.com for three and four week programs if they are more to your palette's pleasure.


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