How to Play Golf, a Beginner's Guide to Taking up Golf and Beginning a Lifelong Love of the Game

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New site offers helpful tips and techniques to take a total golf novice and get them to play a real good game of golf in no time. Get golf lessons that golf legends like Bobby Jones and Byron Nelson used to perfect their game. will show anyone how to play golf with ease. Get golf instructions from golf legends such as Bobby Jones and Byron Nelson.

Golf can be an easy game to play and very enjoyable once you understand the simple facts of golf:

(a) A golf club will only do what the player makes it do.

(b) Each club is designed for a specific purpose, and only when it is applied to the ball in its true, natural state will it produce the effect for which it was designed.

(c)Basically, there are only three clubs in golf:

1.The driver, shaped so that it drives the ball on a low trajectory and is therefore used for distance shots.

2.The iron, formerly called a lofter, does exactly what the name implies-it lofts or lifts the ball. This club is used to place the ball into position in certain spots on the fairway or on the green.

3. The putter, which would be better named a "roller," is so designed that it rolls the ball; therefore, it is the club used to accomplish the very purpose of the game-roll the ball into the cup.

Once you've got these ideas down pat then the rest is easy and just requires practice.

There are two things every golfer must do if he wants to play good golf.

First, there must be a basic ability to swing the club correctly, and the correct way to swing it is with a sense of body control. This ability to motivate or swing the club with the body is impossible unless the player has the proper footwork and a proper sense of balancing himself, so that he has the full, free use of his body. It is from the body that the power flows, so that the distance aspect of a golf shot depends on just how the body is being used.

Second, the player must be able to kep the club in position throughout the swing so that the club will produce the effect for which it was designed, and the ball will fly true and straight towards the objective. offers a complete breakdown of the game of golf and will teach you a simple scientific formula for developing a killer golf swing. Learn what to do and how to do it at precisely the right time.

It was recognized that the greatest need of people learning the game-and the greatest need in producing a consistency of play-was the need of a pattern, a clear-cut program whereby a player not only knew what he should do, but by knowing

exactly what he should do he automatically learned exactly what not to do.

That is what sets out to do for the player. It is a perfectly natural step-by-step procedure that indicates not only what to do, but it also indicates how to do it and when to do it. Only by having such a plan can the player act positively and aggressively. With such a plan the player will be able to correct wayward tendencies and to recognize his errors and his weaknesses. By being able to recognize them he will be able to avoid them, and then and only then he will be able to play good golf.

By having an understanding of what is right and what is wrong, the new player will be able to teach himself. Only with this basic understanding and an ability to evaluate his own efforts will he be able to check and correct his errors. Once this basic pattern is established, and an ability to conform to the pattern developed, there will be an understanding from which a natural sense of confidence will develop. With this confidence will come a natural sense of relaxation; and with this relaxation will come greater efficiency. Golf will become easy and natural, and only when it is easy and natural is it the real true fun it can and should be.


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